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  1. The Rolling Stones song Beast of Burden - the misheard lyrics "Don't leave your Pizza Burn'in" Stevie Ray Vaughan song Cold Shot - the misheard lyrics "Let's go shopp'in"
  2. Oops! My mouth was far ahead of my mind.
  3. What no Static X, Pantera, Disturbed, Slipknot, Godsmack, Mudvayne or Saliva?
  4. John Prine. Seen him in concert and could not understand one word coming from his mouth. Added to the list by Catherine.
  5. John Prine. Seen him in concert and could not understand one word coming from his mouth.
  6. Dave Matthews Sade Chad Gray of MuDvayne
  7. Here's one for all the music experts out there. If a bride and groom's first dance together at their wedding reception is to "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica, what would be a complimentary song for the best man and matron of honor to dance to? The best man and matron of honor are the bride and groom's bestfriends. The bride has asked me but I have no suggestions. She has insisted nothing sappy or overly traditional but a ballad with a friendship meaning. Their music tastes range from Norah Jones to Slipknot and everything in between. Any ideas?
  8. A word of thanks to the replies. I didn't mean to cause a stir. If it sucks or not I was only wondering because I think that maybe, just maybe it's about a girl who does cocaine and her lover didn't mind it at first but eventually changed his mind. My better half thinks it might be about a guy who's addicted to the physical relationship with this girl. Neither one of us knew so I found this web site to seek out the ideas of others.
  9. Relax Jippers, it's just a question. No need to get your panties all knotted up.
  10. Dig the remix version by Mudvayne.
  11. What is the Nickelback song "Figured You Out" about?
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