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  1. Oh one more thing, they're an awesome live band I've seen them at least 25 times and they always put on a great show. Check them out when they're on tour, if you like to jump or mosh at a concert you'll love it.
  2. The guitar riff on Cold Hard Bitch totally sounds like AC/DC. I don't think I'll get any objections on this one.
  3. Oh by the way, they're originally from Chicago, but they tour all over the country. You can listen to some of their songs on their website, www.luckyboys.com.
  4. Has anybody heard of Lucky Boys Confusion? They're a great band from Chicago that plays a mix of punk, hip-hop, and reggae, similar to Sublime but more rock-oriented. They have 2 albums on Elektra records, "Commitment" and "Throwing The Game", and a great independent release called "Growing Out of It." I highly recommend this band to anyone into alternative music, some of their best songs include "One to the Right", "Fred Astaire" and "Bossman".
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