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  1. hmm.thats odd, i havent heard of them,and at 1st when i was reading your post i thought you were talking about that whole rain,storm,type of thing, im not sure if u heard of it,,..lol
  2. i think most of his songs kinda have the same meaning to them,but he's still coooool, but by watching the music video,it seems like one of his close friends has died and has watched him died,but its kinda weird cause he mentions JA and Hailey,,,
  3. ok, what exactly does "drop down and get your eagle on girl" mean?
  4. to all you good charlotte fans.. in the song "wondering" in the beggining doesnt it sound like "my sister was a young man" i swear, go listen to it! Lol
  5. oh im sorry, im an animal lover my self. thers a song by simple plan that talks about someone dying,its called:"in a perfect world" , and another one is bye good charlotte that they talk about there dog and how much they love them..good luck
  6. well, i dont know much about them, but i think there are 3 girls in Destiny's Child right? if so,then they know how to split the money 3 way to all 3 girls..common sense.. cheers
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