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  1. Thanks so much! That's it, C'mon, C'mon. Sorry, but the show isn't the type to have the song "Rescue Me" as the theme. Anyways, yea, this song is also featured as you set up your game in the video game by EA called 2005 Major League Baseball. My favorite game, btw, hehe. Go Sox!
  2. Does anyone know the name of the song and artist of the theme song that plays during the opening credits of Denis Leary's show, "Rescue Me"?? It airs on FX. Thanks!
  3. You Shook Me All Night Long and Back In Black-ACDC
  4. In the recent promos for MTV's Sunday Stew, while they show clips of either Pimp my Ride, Viva La Bam or You've Got a Friend(is that the name??), they play this cool song, and it says this: What about your friend....... What about your frieeeeeeeeeend Its hard rock. Anyone know??? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know who does the theme song to MTV's Viva La Bam? Thanks!
  6. I am a fanatical Stones fan, but apparently, not enough! I have never heard this song. Its on the Lexmark Printer commercials, and it goes like this: So complicated.... Thats all I know, but I'm pretty sure its Mick's voice, and it sounds like one of their earlier songs, from before 66'. Thanks! Nicole
  7. Its for the C Coupe, and was played on TV maybe two years ago. It goes like this, with a very peppy, up beat tempo: "All I wanna do it to thank to you, while I was driving in my car. You let me change lanes..." and so on. I don't know who did it, and its a cute song. Btw, does anyone know how Charlie Watts is doing? I heard the unfortunent news of his cancer.
  8. wow, that Jim Gordon story is freaky. Poor Pattie, George professed his love for Maureen Starkey, Ringo's wife, infront of Patti, and Eric showed up at her doorstep with a bag of heroin, threatning to take it if she didn't leave with him. She did end up with him, but he cheated on her repeatedly, fathering a daughter, Ruth, with another woman behind Patti's back, knowing Patti could not have children. She did divorce him as well. I bet she's living well off of the alimony, however.
  9. Was she seeing Bob Geldof? I don't know why he'd want to see her after how she treated him. While he was on tour, and doing charity work, she was cheating on him. They were married and had two or three daughters, then she got with Michael and had their daughter as well.
  10. Also, the cover of Roxy Music's "Siren" features one-time girlfriend of Bryan Ferry and Mick Jagger's ex, Jerry Hall, who in that pic looks like a man in drag. I'm sorry, but the woman can look beautiful one minute and manly the next. She seems like a nice woman though.
  11. Bazooka, Thats a great pic of the stones in drag. Brian acutlally didn't look that bad!
  12. Now, the song that goes "Lonely Days, Lonely Nights, Where would I be without my woman" is a Bee Gees song, I know. But I could have sworn it was recorded by someone else. Was it?
  13. I was just wondering which songs Denny sings the lead on. Thanks! Nicole
  14. Lots of Beatles songs have backwards hidden messages, it's pretty cool.
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