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  1. I think the whole reason Frank started Reprise is so that he and his buddies like Deano could have more control over his work - they could choose the songs they sang, choose the arrangers etc. But still, I think the work may have been a bit inferior. A lot has been written about the superior quality of the Capitol period and I agree - "Songs for Young Lovers", a 10" LP I found at the Salvation Army shop for a buck is awesome! I also have a 7" ep from his Columbia period too which is quite good. But I cannot comment about the Reprise period as I do not know much about his work then, outside of "New York New York". Nancy Sinatra was also that label - I wonder why? From what I hear, Frank was in a bit of financial trouble in 1962 and sold his interest in the Reprise label to Warner Brothers, thus creating the Warner-Reprise brand. Just a little bit of useless trivia for y'all.
  2. As a musician I'm listing in no particular order the musicians and bands who's music has had the most impact on me: The Beatles Radio Birdman Midnight Oil Kiss AC/DC The Tea Party Led Zeppelin The Ramones Queen The Who Honourable Mentions: Big Star, The Who, Eric Clapton, Sex Pistols, Cold Chisel, John Lee Hooker, Bob Marley, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Soundgarden.
  3. It's too bad the early part of the 20th century isn't on that list because the commercial music that has come out since 1999 has generally been [bleep]. Alternative/underground stuff has been great though. The 1990s was similar - underground good others bad. Although the grunge explosion gave rock the shot in the arm it needed and I'm thankful for that. Man I miss those days...
  4. I think Floyd used drugs to mak a more extreme sound but overall Bob Marley has had more lasting influence. I love them both mind you, but Marley's accessibility and uniqueness have left more of a mark commercially and socially than Floyd. Floyd have left us some great, if at times wierd music (read: LP2 of Ummagumma).
  5. I doubt she would respect the term "diva" applied to her, but I really love and respect Eva Cassidy. As far as music goes, the less booty shaking the better the music. Read: Good music - Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Suzi Quatro, the aforementioned Eva, Jodi Phillis, Allannah and Robyn from the Hummingbirds Bad music - Britney, Christina et al...
  6. Back in Black and Metallica's Black album are hugely overrated. Everyone knows that "Master of Puppets" pounds the Black album into the dirt any day of the week. And nothing will ever beat the early Bon Scott-era AC/DC albums. If you don't own the Australian versions of their first 3 LPs, then get them immediately. It's the only way to own that music. (High Voltage - June 1975, TNT, December 1975, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, October 1976). All are available on Albert Productions through EMI and even if you get second hand vinyl imported from Australia it's worth the trouble. Besides that there's a heap of music that has never been released outside Australia on them too which makes all the more worthwhile. It's a toss up between Dark Side and Appetite for me, but they are both great for different reasons and really cannot be compared to one another. They're both great in the own ways but not the same way. Zep IV is great too but I've kinda overplayed it and I'm a bit over it. And Why Hell Freezes Over is on that list is beyond description. That album is in no way anywhere near the grand standing of Dark Side or Appetite or Zep IV or anything else on that list.
  7. I'm not that fussed at all on Muscle of Love. Killer is cool, but my all time favourite above any other is Love It To Death. I always felt Alice was very inconsistent on LP, especially during the 1970s. He had some cool 80's records though. Trash and Raise Your Fist and Yell are both awesome and Last Temptation has a few weak spots but overall is pretty good.
  8. Ted Nugent wasn't the lead singer on his LPs. Derek St Holmes was. Ted only played guitar on his records, although on the "Free For All" LP he sings two songs: "Dog Eat Dog" and "Street Rats" but I'm not sure. Derek was in the process of leaving the band during the recording so he sang on "Free For All" and "Turn It Up" while the rest of the songs on that record were sung by Meat Loaf. Roy Harper makes an appearence on the secret track on "The Edges of Twilight" by Tea Party, as well as a track on the Alahmbra EP. I think the track is called "Time". Ian Gillan sang on Black Sabbath's awful LP "Born Again" but he was a member of the band at that point so does that count? Thanx
  9. Au contrere my friend. Hendrix DID do a cover of Sunshine Of Your Love. It was an impromptu done in the middle of his appearence on the Lulu show (where he was supposed to play "Hey Joe") on BBC TV in England in 1968. This version appears on the Experience Hendrix 2CD/3LP "The BBC Sessions" towards the end of Disc 2/Side 6 on the LP. However, "Cocaine" was originally done by J.J. Cale sometime in the mid-1970's and redone by Clapton in 1977 for the "Slowhand" LP. J.J. wrote the song long after Hendrix had passed away. But he may have done another song called Cocaine written by somebody else that I don't know about. BTW Hendrix's "Sunshine" is short but explosive and well worth checking out.
  10. Savage garden...meh. Try "By My Side" by INXS, or if you really wanna get mushy "Forever" by KISS. Actually no - "Every time I look at you" by KISS is better. "Every time I look at you It's easy to see Every time I hold you, The things I never told you seem to come easily Because you're everything to me" Then again you can't get much simpler than The Ramones: "Hey little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend Sweet Little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend Do you love me babe? What do you say?" Sorry mate. My deeply romantic spirit was irrepairably crushed when my fiancee gave me back my ring a few years ago. I ended up marrying her in the end after a long healing period, but I haven't been the same since. Hope I've helped nonetheless.
  11. I actually have the CD of the first Aerosmith LP, which I consider to be one of my favourite LPs of all time, but I don't have it with me currently. However I did just check on AMG and it appears that Dream On is in fact NOT a cover, but it has a writing credit of Steve Tyler. This is enough to call it an original recording and not a cover. The only cover I know of isn't really a cover, but a sample used by Eminem (with Aerosmith's blessing I hear) on the song "Sing For The Moment". Sacreligious I reckon, but hey, it's probably the best thing and most musical thing you'll ever hear on an Eminem record anyway. Still, it doesn't make me want to buy his album though.
  12. For a start, Zeppelin never covered Dream On. In fact, I doubt many people actually heard Dream On when it first surfaced because it was on Aerosmith's first LP which flopped and as a single it flopped too. It only ever became a hit after the Toys In The Attic LP and the Rocks LP were huge hits and the single was re-released in 1976.
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