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  1. beautifully shot, I agree. Hey BA, all I've seen from Lynch is Mulholland Drive and Eraserhead, both of which (wonderfully) caused me to lose sleep for days afterwards. Are you a Lynch fan? If so, what would you reccomend next? Right now the plan is to check out Blue Velvet.
  2. I was just at Safeway and the atmosphere in Eugene, Oregon is like Christmastime. GO DUCKS!
  3. the 2nd one is really famous and I'm sure everyone will recognize it. One of the classics of the 70s!
  4. I'm on a big Brothers Johnson kick right now. One of them played bass on MJ's "Off the Wall" album, and their four best albums were produced by Quincy Jones. Reccomended to fans of "Off the Wall," late 70s Isley Brothers, early Prince, and good times in general. Just great, slick, sunshiney funk I'll Be Good To You Strawberry Letter 23 Tomorrow Celebrations
  5. Starf*cker is supposed to have an album out soon.
  6. the funny thing about Owen Wilson is that although he has come to be typecasted into bad roles, he's a fairly brilliant writer. He and Wes Anderson co-wrote "Rushmore," and many other Wes Anderson films
  7. Mulholland Drive I can see why people accuse it of being over-the-top, or pretentious, or ridiculous, or gratuitously difficult to understand, but I loved it. I thought trying to solve the "mystery" of the plot and message was a ton of fun. I have no other defense for myself. A+
  8. Black Swan: A+ I'm no film buff but this has to be one of the best new movies I've seen in the past few years.
  9. I haven't gotten around to listening to every album that's been reccomended to me or that I've heard some good songs from yet, but I've listened to a pretty good amount of 2010 albums and here is my top 10 at the moment. Click on the album titles for youtube links to my favorite song on each album! 1. Delorean - "Grow" 2. Onra - "Long Distance" 3. Crystal Castles - "Crystal Castles" 4. Flying Lotus - "Cosmogramma" 5. Bag Raiders - "Bag Raiders" 6. Sleigh Bells - "Treats" 7. Broken Social Scene - "Forgiveness Rock Record" 8. Earl Sweatshirt - "Earl" * 9. Twin Shadow - "Forget" 10. OFWGKTA - Radical * *avoid these two if you are easily offended
  10. Oregon vs. Auburn is sure to be a great matchup!
  11. bluesboy, I'm quite jealous of those two sporting experiences.
  12. I wonder how many people at the beginning of the postseason would have guessed that the first game of the World Series was gonna be the Giants scoring 11 runs against the Rangers with Cliff Lee starting. That's the Giants offense I grew up with! As great as it is to watch guys like Cain throw scoreless games and as entertaining as the intensity of a 1-0 game is...it's fun to see guys like Juan Uribe smackin' dingers!
  13. Last year's Civil War was the best sports game I've ever attended in person.
  14. Yeah since the computers don't take margin of victory into account, the Ducks tend to do better in the human polls. I'm not so worried about USC or Cal, the Ducks basically demolished both teams last year with lesser squads. Arizona would worry me more if it was an away game. The Beavers game is going to be insane. If the Ducks are going to lose one game, it will be that one. Not that the Beavers are better than Arizona, but the atmosphere of that rivalry game is always intense. The Civil War game is a tossup every year.
  15. Giants in the World Series. I really think this is SF's year. So excited! Great great great world series matchup. Two underdogs who nobody thought would make it this far. And to think it was just a few games away from a repeat of last year. And if the Ducks can beat Oregon State in a few weeks then we're going to the national title game! This could end up being my best year as a sports fan ever!
  16. does this explain their hatred of scientists?
  17. Funny you mention that, because Portland is actually the largest city with an active volcano in city limits.
  18. That is really pretty incredible what Halladay did. Lincecum's performance the other night pretty amazing as well. two hits, no runs, nine innings, and 14 strikeouts. That guy is awesome. Really disappointed with Brian Wilson right now
  19. The Ducks get the number 3 spot and the Giants get into the playoffs, hell yes, best sports weekend for me in a while.
  20. Das Racist's "Combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut" is simulataneously awesome and awful.
  21. Donna Summer - I Feel Love it changed everything
  22. Haha, fur real. I like "Manners" so much I kinda feel like a teen girl.
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