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  1. im lookin 4ward 2 seein godsmack altho i dont live n e where around there
  2. they seem pretty kool but the links didnt work 4 me . by the by wut language do they sing in cuz da sites were not english
  3. they r an awsum band but i didnt like dem dat much . i think the majority of their songs r kinda...how u say...soft [no offense ]but they r ok
  4. my bad but how many ppl do u no who hve actually heard of them? all im tryin 2 do is give dem sum recognition. and true they hve been rockin 4 a while
  5. well this band is called RAMMS+EIN. they appear in the very beggining of the movie xXx starring Vin Diesel (sp). they r da dudes wit da flamethrower helmet/hat thingies. n e wayz their a kinda punk/metal/industrial band. i wuld compare them 2 marilyn manson or orgy [if uve herd of dem{a great 90's band}] but more den ne thing they r metal and r better compared 2 orgy. u will immediately like them but....they r german therefore they sing in german but they do hve a few english songs rock on bi bi
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