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  1. backinblack09er

    Songs w/ Sax

    War... Lowrider
  2. What lz songs can u hear the drum pedal squeek in bedsides houses of the holy and ten years gone
  3. backinblack09er

    songs w/harmonica...

    Led Zeppelin- Bring it on Home, When The Levee Breaks, Nobody's Fault but mine
  4. backinblack09er

    Led Zeppelin And the Number 10?

    I've been noticing that in many led zeppelin songs that there are repeated uses of refrences to 10 years. IE: In Heart Breaker, "Well its been ten years or maby more since i first laid eyes on you..." And Ramble On, "I've been this way ten years to the day, Ramble On", and Ten Years Gone. Whats up with that?