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  1. Good Luck on the interview Carl!! I think it will be a real band, but like you stated...you never know! I've tried a few other sources, but haven't found out yet! Thanks for bothering, and do let me know if you find out!!
  2. Yeah. I was in jr.high when KISS was huge, back in the early '70's. Not a big fan of theirs, but I love live shows and I will have to say....out of a couple hundred shows, KISS was the most spectacular, lighted show I've ever seen. It was like having my eyes dilated with surgical strength solution.....I couldn't see anything for days after the show! I'll confess, I went cause Ted Nugent was opening, and I rarely miss the Nuge on his trips out!!
  3. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Official Movie Site
  4. Hey...back to the Derringer thing. I've thought about this for years! Trying to find out about the band that Rick mentions in his song Rock-N-Roll Hoochie Coo..... "There's a band called The Jokers, They were laying it down...." Any idea anybody???
  5. Warning: The Captain's music grows on you like a big vine that you can't cut off with an oversized ax! Not for the weak listener!!!
  6. The Grateful Dead would do this live all the time. They would ALWAYS play certain songs grouped together, such as: Scarlet Begonias/Fire On The Mountain, (Scarlet Fire) China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider (China Rider) Me and My Uncle/Mexicalli Blues (Uncle Mex) Throwin' Stones/Not Fade Away ...to name some and then they usually would play certain songs only for the encore: Brokedown Palace, Baby Blue, Lovelight, Johnny B Goode, Day Job, etc. It was so fun to watch all the heads flip out when they would play them in any other order.....as though they couldn't really do what the heck they wanted to do!!! hahahaha
  7. See the movie. That will clear up everything that the song is about! It's a pretty movie too!
  8. Hey Now....get ready 'cause the Australian Pink Floyd Show is coming to Vegas on 03/27! They're playing a lot of shows right now. If you go, please tell us about the show!
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