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  1. I can't remember every song but here are a few Spirit of Radio Limelight Roll the Bones Dreamline Mystic Rhythms Beneath Between Behind Tom Sawyer Red Barchetta Working Man The Trees Xanadu Earthshine YYZ Time Stand Still Subdivisions Show don?t tell Distant early warning I?m sure I?m leaving out some. They played over three hours. From their new all-cover CD ?Crossroads? I remember hearing Summertime Blues Crossroads The Seeker There were only two songs that I was disappointed not to hear Freewill, where I got my signature Closer to the Heart, a classic au
  2. An appeals court recently ruled that Americans can to.
  3. The middle portion of Filter's "Welcome to the Fold" where the music stops and the lyrics "Momma give me my medicine are repeated while he claims that the medicine "makes me feel like a tall tree." I've learned the exact time to fast forward the song to almost avoid this whole area of what is an otherwise really great song. The first 4:35 of the Stone Roses "Breaking into heaven". The song is over 11 minutes long so you still have a lot of good music left if you skip the first part. The SOS thing with the Police could be an attempt to recreate the experience of actually sending an SOS.
  4. I will watch sports on the networks, but hardly anything at night. The last new sitcom I liked was "Sports Night" which was cancelled so that ABC could show "Who wants to be a millionaire" five nights a week. Isn't the title of that horrible show a rhetorical question? Wouldn't everyone like to have a little spare cash lying around? The stereotype is how liberal 'hand out' types view big business. They?d rather give away money then watch people work for it in a healthy business environment. Always keeping in mind the ?quid pro quo? idea about ?here?s your money now where?s my vote?. I
  5. The internet providers can no longer give out the names of their subscribers to people wishing to prosecute music being downloaded. So for now, no one is going to come knocking at your door with a warrant. For Jayson I used to use Kazza, but it was slow, and the selection wasn't that good. Plus the "Gain Advertizing" Spyware had to be installed on the computer for Kazza to work. Your suggestion of WinMX has been a godsend. Thank you so much. Great selection, fast speed, and no spyware. Bands that produce good music should welcome file sharing. If I download a song or two a
  6. I realized last night that I had called Veruca Salt a girl band when all I meant was it was girls fronting a band. Not a 'girl band' like the Spice Girls. When I had read a couple of the interviews with record execs who blamed the fans, us, for why they arn't making enough money, I lost it. I could barely type fast enough to get out all my dissatisfaction with where they put the blame. For years they have fed us mass-produced crap and now they blame us for not being loyal. At least if they are going to mass-produce something let it be something good like when Flea and Dave Navarro backed
  7. Last thing I?m going to say about all this. I did some more reading, since it is still too cold in Chicago to lay out by the pool or go to the beach on the fourth of July. The record companies it seems blame everyone else but themselves for the current state of music. Its peer to peer networking, it?s media giants like Clear Channel making us pay for airtime. It?s our parent corporations profit concerns. And the worse reason possible. They are blaming the fans for no longer being loyal to musicians. Time Warner needs to bite me. The reasons fans are no longer loyal, is because ?hug
  8. It could be. That term was never used when I was in school but the combination of 'favorite word' and the 'screaming' comment led me to believe that it was some one word way to say 'sport' 'f---ng'. If it is the KFC spoon/fork combo than that's called a pickerism fetish if Cyber is making women scream with the utensil. I saw this fetish described on an episode of "Law and Order SVU". I hope for everyone's sake he isn't talking about that. The guy on SVU got arrested for poking women and I think he killed one or two of them. Dectectives Benson and Stabler always frown on people getting ki
  9. The "Surfing Bird" song scene from 'Flamingos; is it art, is it funny, brilliant, or just gross? I never could decide. I could have done without the final scene with Divine and the little dog. Apparently it was memorable as I haven't seen the movie for almost 15 years. John Waters, misunderstood genius or just a weirdo?
  10. I so would like to talk about this, but I, along with Peaches, Musik, and Diggs have been accused of leading other threads into the gutter. Good to see that sport f---ng remains popular among the younger generation. In college, fraternity pledges could get out of hazing if they let an 'active' member of the fraternity be the spectator to a spork. A good way for a college girl to avoid being sporked is to check for cracks in the guys closet door or check for gaps in the curtains or mini-blinds. When I would find a spectator hiding in the closet I would say he could stay but only if he parti
  11. Yeah, nothing wrong with being big. It's when the consumer loses their ability to choose because a company has taken over the market that things go bad. In the mornings the lines at Dunkin Donuts, Cosi, and The Grind House are all as long as the ones at Starbucks by where I work. As long as people will pay $2.50+ for a cup of coffee, none of these places is going to get hurt too much. I prefer Coca-cola and either donuts or Little Debbies for breakfast. The sugar rush really starts the day off right.
  12. What is your favorite word? FRED ?- my dog?s name, and when I hear it I think of him What is your least favorite word? MATRICULATE -- it means ?going to college? but it sounds like something that could be prevented by wearing adult diapers. What turns you on? BRITISH ACCENTS What turns you off? SMUGNESS and PEOPLE WHO SAY ?MATRICULATE? What is the sound or noise that you love? BUBBLING WATER -- while smoking stuff What sound or noise do you hate? PEOPLE SMACKING THEIR FOOD What is your favorite curse word? S**THEAD, NUMBNUTS, or C*NT -- can't narrow it down, each i
  13. When Jerry Garcia died, a congressman was asked how many times he had seen the Grateful Dead in concert. His answer was "Not enough". How many times have I seen Rush? "Not enough" Nice to know, Mike that I'm not alone with this feeling.
  14. Clear Channel along with Viacom (MTV), or corporate radio of any kind is a huge problem. Being a free market capitalist, I respect their right to try and ?corner? the radio market in the country, as the current govt. regulations allow them to do so. However, the ?monopolistic? nature of the music industry dictates that some regulation is needed. Ticketmaster?s monopoly has caused concert ticket prices to increase 800% since ?81 when I first started going to see shows. This figure is based on what I paid for my first Rush concert and what I paid for my tickets to their show last week. Befo
  15. Ahhh, If Clear Channel and MTV would play their music more, they would be more popular. How did your friends react to the music? You said favorably. So they must have good taste. Airplay is the problem, not peoples' taste, as you yourself pointed out by mentioning your friends' reactions. We can do it your way: Your friends + Oasis = new Oasis fans MTV + New Kids on the Block = new fans for next boy band MTV + BSBoys = new fans for next boy band MTV + NSync = solo Justin fans See, now who is to blame? The kids who are listening to the boy bands or MTV for not providing real mu
  16. I've never known one person who liked the Backstreet Boys. The only person I've known who liked Nsync was on these boards and she outed herself. However, I've known many people who really liked Oasis. I live in America, possibly it's the quality of my sub-set of aquaitences. It's not even both Gallaghers with the attitude thing, only the one with the heroin problem. Many rock stars have attitude problems. I try to say good things about Oasis as much as I can, because I feel that many have overlooked their music. The Backstreet Boys might have won a poll of 10-13 year olds but no one
  17. Everything people have written plus Van Halen AC/DC Fleetwood Mac Boston Motley Crue Black Sabbath / Ozzy Don't give up on this quest. I was a white girl from Texas who hated Country and Western music. And do check out the Beatles, It's not quite as 'hard' as some of the other groups that have been listed but neither are the Doobie Brothers or Fleetwood Mac that I listed.
  18. And Scott and I disagree again. What a shock. I did agree with everything he wrote about Oasis when I was scanning all the posts I missed on my vacation. If you liked "Morning Glory", their third CD is even better. In a 'pitch meeting' I would call it, "Smashing Pumpkins meets the Beatles." The singing was what I thought was the worst part of the movie. Sometimes South Park can use music well, like Cartman's hand puppet of Jennifer Lopes. Or the boy-band the guys formed. I didn't enjoy how the singing was used in the movie. For me, it wasn't that bad of a movie, only a disappointmen
  19. Monty Python, the funniest group of men who ever wore women's clothing. Maybe the funniest group of men ever. The original cast of SNL would have to be up there also, Murray, Chase, Belushi, Akroyd, Morris, recurring guest spots by Steve Martin. I'm currently addicted to watching "The Office" and "Coupling" on the BBCA channel, as well as the reruns of Monty Python they show. "Wallace and Gromit" were also amusing.
  20. Ever hear U2's remake of "Night and Day" by Porter? It's on one of those "Red, Hot, and Blue" tribute CDs for Aids research. An amazing song. Sinatra also redid the song but the U2 version is way better than his and I love Sinatra.
  21. Any movie the Lifetime channel might show that is "Based on a true story". How many movies about date rape and teen pregnancy can actually be made? The Sundance movie channel has also been getting on my nerves lately. Apparently whenever a gay man either comes out or gets aids, one of his friends will have a camera rolling, and will somehow get the footage made into a movie. After watching the TV show, "South Park, Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" was a huge disappiontment. If you take 'South Park' out of the title it sound like a great role for John Bobbit to play. The real problem with t
  22. It's so difficult to classify music. There was a post about 'best in each genre'. One of the categories was 'Arena Rock'. I listed Depeche Mode simply because they once sold out the Rose Bowl for three straight nights. Over 300,000 saw their show in a three day period and somehow filling a stadium should be a criteria for 'Arena Rock' even though I knew that wasn't the exact sound the genre was calling for.
  23. Great CD, purchased it yesterday. Got to see a few of the songs performed live last week. Mike, arn't you going to see them this week? I posted a few of my thoughts about the show in the 'Concerts' section. The post was called "Worth any price" because I got drunk after the concert and somehow lost my watch that was given to me at work several years ago and had to be replaced and before I could return to work. After you see them I would be interested in any thoughts you have on the show.
  24. Wow, how much things can change in a week. Every board has five new pages of posts and the Zeppelin people have gone techno. 1) Depeche Mode 2) BT (Brian Transeau) 3) Crystal Method 4) New Order 5) Erasure 6) Happy Mondays 7) The Ocean Blue 8) Bronski Beat 9) Thomas Dolby 10) Moby I could have listed a lot more that I like. Techno can include so many things. Like techno was 'alternative' when 'alternative' simply meant an alternative to hard rock and disco. I'm not even sure if everything I listed should be included. I would say it feels good to be back at work but why star
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