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  1. I might, but I can't picture myself dating anyone named "Howard". I appreciate your concern, Musik. However, I've met a new guy, so I won't be sharing my frustrations on these boards for a while. :: I have to admire any man who would name a chain of hotels after his 'Johnson'. Must be a really impressive 'Johnson'.
  2. Yes, I prefer higher art films such as "Caddyshack". :: I really just wanted to use that 'Holiday Inn Select' line from the commercial. "No I'm not a brain surgeon, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Select last night." I love those commercials.
  3. It becomes clearer if you read or watch "2010". The monolith somehow represents the beginning of life. When travelling through the light Dave is transformed into some kind of energy existing on a higher plane, as infant and adult at the same time. In "2010" the monoliths multiply on Jupiter causing an increased mass that through gravitation causes the planet to collapse inward and then explode much like the Sun is always collapsing inward and exploding on itself. And Jupiter becomes the equivalent of a second Sun. One of Jupiter's moons, Europa, is said to have frozen water on it. The mo
  4. I just don't like it when laws are made simply because the people making the laws know they won't have any opposition. Like the smoking laws. Everyone knows its bad for you, but so are a lot of things. If someone were to oppose these laws they would be accused of condoning smoking or worse encoraging kids to smoke. Things like that. When I was real young in Texas, the state had what was called 'Blue Laws'. These were an attempt by earlier lawmakers to keep the sabbath holy or something. However, they were concerned with Sunday and not Saturday, which is really the seventh day or sabba
  5. At times, at least here in America, I think that anti-smoking legislation is what city governments do when they can't think of something productive to try and accomplish. Catherine can correct me, but I belive Boston just passed some kind of anti-smoking thing. My hometown's mayor Laura Miller, who ran on a platform of how she would fix all the city's potholes, recently joined the crowd, which might explain why the person was asked to put out a cigarette at a concert in Dallas. And for Michael Bloomberg, you may be mayor of NY, but you're no Rudy. I'm so proud to have come from a town who
  6. 14 years ago they outlawed smoking on airline flights less than two hours. In this short amount of time a former right has been almost taken away from us. I was at a concert several weeks ago and watched an usher make someone put out a cigarette, a legal cigarette. Lawyers like to talk about the slippery slope, when hoping to exclude evidence or some other legal trick; but it took only 14 years to almost totally criminalize smoking. I don't smoke cigarettes but somehow this just seems wrong. What I really don't like is how some people look down on people who smoke like smokers are lacking
  7. Layla, and the reason I like this song so much is because of the piano at the end. Anyone know who's playing?
  8. How about having KISS kill all the mimes. They could get bonus points for killing the magician/mimes. Some of the magician/mimes could have the ability to change into regular magicians making them harder to notice and kill unless you caught one of them doing a magic trick. Regular magicians would also be part of the game and would need to be killed as well. To win the game KISS would have to sever the arm connection between a ventriloquist and his dummy, which would kill them both. I don't hate any of the victims I have mentioned for KISS to kill, they just all really freak me out. Sea
  9. I only have their first three CDs but they are all good. There's not a single song on any of the three that you have to skip. They are my second favorite band from the 90s with my first being STP, who does have some bad songs that must be skipped; "Wet my Bed" off Core for example. "Some might say" is my favorite off Morning Glory, "I hope, I think, I know" is my favorite off Be Here Now, and off Definitely Maybe I like "Up in the Sky" the best. But all the songs are good. I have mentioned a lot of this on other posts. I just put Definitely Maybe in the player.
  10. All mimes are satanic. The ones that double as magicians really freak me out. I told one of them, "I know you can't talk, but you can hear, now get away from me." Just incredibly weird. I can be tolerant but not when someone creeps up to me in a parking lot, dressed in black with a white face, and then pulls a quarter out of my ear.
  11. It is so hard now to tell who the real enemies are. I know at one time the KISS Army was very concerned about the Starlight Vocal Band Militia and they feared the Village People who were "In the Navy". :: What are you talking about Batman, enemies of KISS, I don't know? Are mimes upset becuase KISS stole their look?
  12. The Lord of the Rings was my favorite trilogy long before it was made into movies and I actually enjoyed the movies more than the three times I have read the three books. This was ahead of Ludlum's Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum books, and even better than LeCarre's "Quest for Karla" trilogy, another set of books I have read more than once. Not all of these have been made into movies however.
  13. I'm still with you Mike. Alex gets overshadowed at times by the other two members, maybe he shouldn't be. Watching him play several weeks ago was very impressive. What did you think about the job he did with "Crossroads"? I was totally sober for the first half of the show and only drank one beer at the break, maybe I was just more observant than I have been at past shows.
  14. Anyone think the Sun Valley Media Conference could be a good location for 'collusion' , and 'unfair trade practice' discussions? Why don't they want reporters around? The media is supposed to be in favor of 'free speech'. Here's some info on the annual meeting. I put some of the really troubling things in bold, and the most troubling in bold italics. Oprah Winfrey has been there. So have Steve Jobs, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Katharine Graham, Bill Gates and Sumner Redstone. Warren Buffett is a regular, as is Rupert Murdoch. Even Mexican President Vicente Fox showed up in 2001 to encou
  15. The Tale of the Tape ? The Undercard (?Sirius? by The Alan Parsons Project plays in the background) In the blue states for the Democrats, he?s a trial lawyer from the Deep South, known for creating wealth through contingency fees. A relative newcomer to politics, he brings youth and vitality to a ticket headlined by a Jay Leno look alike. Joooohn pretty boy Edwaaaards In the red states for the Republicans, he?s a Washington insider said to have been present at the historic first drawing of the Laffer Curve on the back of a napkin. He brings an IQ over 100 to a ticket best known for
  16. What did you do Mike, bring a notepad. :: I knew I didn't remember everything. I'm actually thinking of trying to get to one of their east coast shows in August. It was so good.
  17. I don't really know. I just meant that she kind of stood out among the other workers at Mel's Diner, Vera, Alice, and Mel. She also seemed to enjoy being somewhat of a slut and would embarass Alice and Vera with her tales of big-rig sleeper cabs and backseats at drive-in movies. Much like Samantha would embarass the Kristen Davis character on "Sex in the City". A show I used to like until Carrie cheated on that nice guy from "Northern Exposure" with the guy who left "Law and Order". I always thought the Arizona lifestyle had something to do with year-round golf. Or is that just some
  18. Yes, the peter principal where we all rise to our own level of incompetence. I like when he sits in meetings and repeats everything David says. "Two legs good, four legs bad" like the animals in the Orwell book.
  19. It would be frightening to think of 'Gareth' being in charge of anything, especially combat troops. He's afraid of Jello.
  20. 80's alternative as John Hughes starts making movies again. I hear Molly Ringwald is playing a mom in his next movie and the plotline revolves around her family forgetting 'mothers day', because her oldest son was serving Saturday detention for taping a guys butt cheeks together, the younger son crashed the family car in the backyard, and their estranged uncle was put in jail for illegally fixing a horse race. "Here's a quarter, go downtown and have a rat knaw that thing off your face." I miss John Candy Was I just the right age for the John Hughes films, or were they really as good as
  21. Flo never really tried to assimilate into the Arizona lifestyle did she?
  22. I currently addicted to watching "Coupling" and "The Office" on the BBCA. I had heard that they tried to do "coupling" for ABC or some other network but then never heard anything else about it. They should have just shown the original British version. I don't see how people wouldn't have liked it. Gareth on "The Office" likes to talk about being in the 'Territorial Army', does anyone know what the US equivalent of this is? When he talks about it, the other people don't seem too impressed. Or are they just not impressed with Gareth, the 'assistant regional director', or the 'assistant t
  23. Yall know I'm fixin to say something about Southern folk. The movie "Deliverance" and the "The Dukes of Hazard" didn't help us much either. My first 24 years were spent in Texas. Many people laugh when I say 'yall', but its so much easier to say and type than 'you all'.
  24. Michael Anthony hasn't been listed.
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