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  1. What good points? Bush cares nothing about old people or the physically handicapped. In private, he has admitted he wants to burn them for heat during the winter. Right, don't be a moron. Number One, it is not the governments job to provide health care for people. Number Two, out of the 45 million you mentioned, the're are many young people who do not feel the need to have insurance. And Number Three, you are lame and I don't wish to talk to you anymore.
  2. I don't post much anymore because I don't sit in front of a computer all day but I did think this thought was rather interesting. Even Catherine, my fellow conservative, didn't post an 'atta girl' thought. Oh well.
  3. David Gilmour has the less harsh sounding voice, "Us and Them" is a good example. What they lost when Waters left was his composing, which might explain why Momentary Lapse of Reason was the last CD I bought by them. It's a great CD even if Waters isn't on it. Like many of their albums the whole thing is good not just a song or two.
  4. Andy Sipowicz, if he could get then he is way cool.
  5. It would be a cop show only due to the fact that I want to sleep with Dennis Franz. That admission doesn't make me sound too slutty does it?
  6. Just a thought but I can't stand people hating this wonderful country.
  7. My avatar is one, but here's two more; his name is Fred. My dog Fred, totally rules by the way.
  8. Oh wow, a political thread on my first night back to Songfacts after my trip and new boyfriend, how fun. There were better guy, Kirk, Frost, Richardson but the Dems chose to ignore the moderates, as usual, and went for the extreme left, again, as usual. Now some will say that Dean's only extreme position is on the war but who cares, perception is everything and people think of him as a northeast liberal and they don't do very well in national elections, Teddy, Michael D, and Kerry the moron. I saw a man yesterday that looked just like John Kerry and I almost started to run him over with my
  9. This is an op-ed piece I wrote last September about what was wrong with the Democratic party. I posted it for a reference from another thread about Howard Dean as new DNC chairman. The points are still true even if it sounds dated. ------------------------------------------------------ Honesty, leadership, and the ability to handle a crisis; three very important qualities for a president, yet the current Democratic Party leadership has none of these. Well its time to put them all in the ground. R.I.P. DNC, you won?t ever get another guy in the White House with the group that
  10. The Great Escape, and the Dirty Dozen, I can't help it
  11. I hope you are making a joke, otherwize you sound really pathetic. Hint, girls like beer too and even sleazy movies. The racist stuff is bad for anyone, what's wrong with you that you would even want to tell a racist joke?
  12. The girl in the back of the line behind Madonna, Janet jackson, her sister, brittney spears, and any of the spice girls for most sh!tty girl ever to try and make music.
  13. how old are you? 34 left or right handed? right zodiac sign? Pisces Flavor of ice cream? Chocolate mint chip been on an airplane? yes Like Neil Diamond? please Black or blue ink? black right or left side of the bed? right How tall are you? 5'6" like cheese? Never on burgers but on pizzas, yes Why songfacts name? my name and auto-generated number worst subject? Literature, I hate Poe Favorite book? Confederacy of Dunces What's you favorite vacation, camping, travel, beach, sit around the house etc? used to be skiing but I live in the mountains now, so the beach What do you do when
  14. My first thought was that someone scored a Big-8 and they figured they could get back together at least for one weekend. The funny thing about the band is they are great in concert. I've seen them five times and the last two times I've actually bought tickets, the others I was invited to. They only have two songs I can tolerate on the radio or stereo, "Dr. Feelgood" and "Wild Side" but live I seem to like all their songs even "Shout at the Devil", a song I hated in junior high. Their videos are also good or maybe that's Tommy going solo with that blonde woman. Everything over six is a b
  15. It was just funny and since I was watching the game and since it was sort of music and sort of news I thought I would post it. I'm not a fan, don't get any ideas. I also saw an opportunity to speak badly about Brittney and I couldn't pass that up.
  16. There are two, both by the Beatles "Strawberry Fields" by Candyflip and "Dear Prudence" by Siousie and the Banshees
  17. Neil Peart, see my signature ("Freewill", Permanent Waves).
  18. Lifeson, many times, Stevie only once at Austin Auquafest, 1987. All time favorite would be Eric Johnson several times Angus Young was great at one of my first concerts. I rushed the stage and was leaning over the barricade for ACDC's whole set Eddie Van Halen is right up there with Johnson but for different reasons If you have seen the movie, "High Fidelity", those are my top five.
  19. There used to be a guy who posted named Jayson who mentioned WinMX. I had used Kazza before and wasn't pleased compared to my old experiences with the original Napster. WinMX is better than all of them. Check it out, it's all free and there is no spyware or seach more stuff going on. I have found songs that probably need to be forgotten on it. ::
  20. Geddy on bass is always good. Also, Flea, on "Behind the Sun" is incredible.
  21. Ashley Simpson got booed at the Orange Bowl Halftime Show. This was probably due to the lip-syncing incident on SNL. However, doesn't everyone lip-sync on Saturday Night Live? No big deal, but Brittney was caught lip-syncing and no one cared. Ashley is at least from Texas so she has one positive thing going for her, Brittney has none.
  22. My MP3 player fits in my pocket and all the songs were free. I used my old one when I was on my way to work; my new one I use when I'm skiing. ::
  23. The thing I'm sort of greatful for now that things were so bad at home when I was a teenager I wasn't too concerned with the goings on at school. It is a very difficult time and if I had it to do over with I would have quit school when I was 16, gotten my GED, enrolled in the community college, taught tennis and gotten out of my parent's house. My last two years of HS did nothing but teach me to drink every day and cover up bruises with make-up. They call it "the best years of your life" but I'd guess less than five percent of people would actually agree with that. The biggest problem
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