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  1. I'm 15, and the "man this music sucks" attitude has been with me all my life. I spent my early childhood on country music, and occasionally some classical, but haven't liked modern popular music for as long as I can remember, with a few exceptions (went through a BNL craze when I was about 10, still like them). Then when I moved to western Washington I started experimenting in listening to rock, didn't find any modern stuff I liked, so I searched through my dad's collection and found Led Zeppelin 4. I still listen to country, but I love the classic rock stuff now. As you can imagine, that combination of musical tastes gets some odd looks from some of my friends in high school.

  2. Personally I think a great rock band has to evoke feelings. A band has to have songs that can make you jump up and down, bring back memories, relate to your feelings (good or bad), and/or take you to a fantasy world. The main band that can do all those things for me, and winner of my favorite band of all time is... (god i can't get this stupid envelope open)...

    LED ZEPPELIN :rockon:

  3. I think Metallica may fit into this. They were a great, talented band in the 80's, but they changed their sound during and after the black album, and now they pretty much suck. If they could go back to playing songs in the style of "Fade to Black" and "Master of Puppets" I think all the fans they have lost would come back.

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