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  1. "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son." - Dean Wormer "I threw up in fron of Dean Wormer." "Face it, you threw up ON Dean Wormer" and everything from American Graffiti......
  2. I believe it was "As Good As It Gets" Helen Hunt was the waitress. She has him thrown out. Good flick.
  3. Are you kidding? I had no idea Zappa did this song! Awesome
  4. That's interesting. I absolutely love Clapton and never knew the reason for him being dubbed "Slowhand".
  5. Maybe it's Artie Shaw, but I'm not familiar with his work. This is driving me crazy, lol.
  6. It definitely sounds like an Acker Bilk tune, but it's not "Stranger On The Shore". I'm almost certain of that.
  7. There has been a VH1 commercial for the Save The Music program which features a young boy playing a clarinet, I believe. I am trying to find out the song he is playing. Has anyone seen this commercial and can they help?
  8. It has the lyrics, "You shake, I'll ratlle, we'll roll...." and "Let me introduce you to my redneck friend" Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. eBay or musicians friend will often have them on sale. The "Talk Box" was made by Heil. Dunlop made one too I believe. Danelectro has one out now that you can plug in and use. The previous two need a separate amplifier and microphone. Better yet, find the plans on the internet somewhere and build your own...I did. They sure are cool if you're into that 70's vibe.
  10. Twelve bar blues only indicates that there are 12 beats to a bar in a very simple chord progression of three chords. It is called a I, IV, V chord progression. For example, Johhny B. Goode is your basic 12 bar blues in the key of A. Crossorads by Cream, however, is the same three chords(A, D, and E) but is considered a 16 bar blues. Listen for the changes...they don't follow the same pattern. As to who invented it...good luck but it seems to me like it is basic music theory.
  11. There are many stories that surround this topic. You can find much information on this on the internet. Check out the Robert Johnson biography page. It mentions that he, along with Zep, and The Stones have made this "deal" with the devil. Check out the move "Crossroads" from 1986 with Ralph Macchio. It is loosley based on Robert Johnson's story. And having an appreciation for music and being an avid musician myself, I would say it is a pretty fair trade.
  12. That's the first line of the song. Can anyone help to tell me who sings it? Thanks!
  13. Is it a real song or I am just imagining that I've heard it before?
  14. I also play guitar. The guys in my band are diverse musicians as well. Each is multi-talented. My Band
  15. What's everyone think of this new band?
  16. There is a "Save The Music" commercial on VH1 where a young child is playing a clarinet, I believe. The music sounds familiar but I cannot place it. Any help?
  17. Thank you very much! Another job well done!
  18. I'm pretty sure it's not John Waite, the song sounds very seventies to me.
  19. Jeff Healey did a nice cover of it, too!
  20. The lyrics are something like: Change(?), they say it's all over for you and me, girl. ...You're playing a game, you're playing a game, you're playin a game..... I heard it on the radio and can't for the life of me recall who sings it. Thanks all!
  21. Check out www.shackwaterjack.com . This is my band we play lots of cover tunes. There are mp3's to listen to and our own forum to post on. Thanks everyone!
  22. We're talking apples and oranges here guys and gals. The Beatles were the "Good Boys" of England and the Stones were the "Bad Boys". I am a bigger Beatles fan but love the Stones, too.
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