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  1. Oops! You are so right - I just got the cd out and checked. Thanks for straightening me out, and getting me to listen something I hadn't pulled out in a while! :guitar:
  2. Gotta go with Muziktyme.The 70's were my time and that's my music, although the late 60's kind of carried over. I couldn't have expressed it better.
  3. I've been listening to Jimi a long time, and I've never heard a cover of Sunshine of Your Love.I even have access to a lot of bootleg stuff, and have never heard that. I think that guy had his titles and artists mixed up. Cocaine was Eric Clapton and Sunshine was Cream (with Clapton of course).
  4. Once again, brain not working - I thought Masquerade and typed Tightrope. It must be bedtime! Thanks guys.
  5. Hey now,there are working minds out there,thanks. Back to the Island was the specific song I was thinking of. I remember the Grammy for Tightrope, but I always liked Leon's version best. Something about the quality of his voice. He's sort of a singing songwriter, I think of him the same way I would Bob Dylan. Thanks for the help!
  6. Are there any Leon Russell fans out there? I'm sitting here with tunes and lyrics going through my head, but for the life of me can't think of a single title except Magic Mirror. My brain's just not working tonight. Help me please! I feel like a complete knucklehead, cause I know these songs!!
  7. The song was written by Alvin Lee and is on the album titled A Space In Time. The band members included Alvin Lee, Leo Lyons, Ric Lee, and Chick Churchill.The whole album is good, one of my favorites.
  8. I remember listening to this and doing the dance with my Mom. I would've been six years old so I don't remember how the dance went though. I'm amazed someone else remembers this!
  9. Ike and Tina's version was the original- the words are about the crummy jobs they( theoretically ) went through. In New Orleans pumping tane wouldn't necessarily mean a gas station- it's a big center for the petroleum and gasoline industry. At least that sounds reasonable!
  10. I don't know about anyone's personal lives, but I would never call either Taylor or King boring- just a different genre that all 3 artists belong to. Carly Simon I'll give you-maybe. But Taylor and King are a whole other level. Plus King's got a whole list of song writing credits done by other artists, . They both write and sing about feelings from the heart and sometimes we just need to hear those feelings, good or bad.
  11. Everything song and artist mentioned above-Fantastic! I have but two additions I think have to be mentioned. Aretha Franklin-The Queen herself, and Otis Redding. You can pick just about any song, it'll be great.
  12. carl you are so right. the blues and chuck berry were the 2 of biggest influences on the stones. keith richards has said that his inspiration and style came directly from berry.FYI- I live 20 miles from berry's home compound. he has closed it now but 30 years ago he used to open the compound and perform in the hall that he has there. he charged 2 bucks a head, and since it was private property, we were allowed to bring in coolers of beer or whatnot. since we were in high school that was extremly cool(or so we thought)Im glad im not the only one that sees the similarities between these bands- i guess thats why i like them all so much :guitar:
  13. I am a major Stones fan and I realized quite some time ago that two very popular bands seem to have recycled the stones almost completely. The Stones were huge beginning in the 60's, then in the 70's Aerosmith came along,and were huge, and in the 90's The Black Crows seemed to be trying the same thing. I love all three bands, it just seems that in music, attitude and style Aerosmith and the Crows seem to have taken what worked for the Stones and applied it to their bands- even down to the lead singer. Compare Mick Jagger to Steven Tyler- do you see a lot of differnce? does anyone else see this? It's not important- just a hmmmm? ::
  14. chaff how about the Charlie Daniels Band, Pure Prarie League, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, and on Little Feat- remember the song Dixie Chicken? ::
  15. a ot of beefheart is his poetry set to music- and you really have to listen-have you heard of the childrens poet shel silverstein? van vliet put a lot of his stuff to music- usless trivia
  16. I'm looking for more info on beefheart that i dont already know.Does Anyone remember or know of this band- they are fairly obscure- and recorded and played with frank zappa a lot- thanks for any info!
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