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  1. The Jewel song is all I can think of, ang it entered my mind immediatly.
  2. Any individual albums by: Traffic, The Spencer Davis Group, 10 Years After, Supertramp, CCR, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Leon Russell oh I can go on and on, here's a sample, and we definately don't spend enough time on the blues!
  3. oh Elvy, he's a doll! A little doll baby! Look at all the hair. Congratulations Mommy!
  4. Rootbeer barrels are candy flavored like rootbeer, shaped like a barrel. Pretty simple huh? Not that you would know that Katie. Rootbeer is a type of sodapop, I think it's been around probably the longest. I'm still laughing at edna, Sammy and Batman, and the cat. That exchange just tickled me. Lays chips(no you can't eat just one)and pepsi! Got to get off that pepsi! ::
  5. My Little Matthew would give you a "knuckle sandwich" for that Carl! He loves Tony Stewart. I got my picture too. Thank you jr.
  6. Gonna rescue you from Sammy or Aaron on this edna, 10/10 for 1/2 a melon(you're good)5/10 for candy, unless it's chocolate, then 9.99/10(just cause some don't think it's good for you) Just finished lunch. Imo's toasted ravioli, and Pepsi. Real healthy!
  7. Thanks Aaron. I didn't realize I was so into southern rock, till I read the list. Almost all favorites of mine! Ahhh..to see ZZ Top again!
  8. windy1


    I know we talked about this last summer also, but they just announced the local date of the second annual "tour of minor league ballparks". Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson together at GMC stadium(home of the Grizzlies). July 8th, all tickets 49.50, kids free with adults. Not a bad deal!
  9. My daughter always loved beets even as a small child. I find them horrid! 0/10! I made enchiladas over the weekend to pop in the oven when I get home tonight.
  10. Aaron is beautiful....in his own way.....
  11. No pictures yet? Or I haven't found them yet. No computer at home so I thought I'd get to work early and check. Nope. I hope everyone's settling in ok, and life is wonderful!! ::
  12. A piece of advice: don't tiptoe around saying shhhh. Talk, laugh, and turn up the stereo. It'll make your life easier. Still waiting for pictures. You rest, let Daddy post.
  13. I still don't know what Sammy has eaten so 10/10 for a "light lunch"? Lunchtime for me now, chickensalad sandwich, Lays plain chips, crunched into the sandwich, and a pepsi. mmmmmmm.
  14. jr we call that a tomato, cucumber and onion sandwich! :: I had coffee and a donut
  15. Anytime Aaron! See, told ya so!! :: You know that's going to be awfully good.
  16. Sammy and Unc are right. Tull is definately an aquired taste. Worth taking the time to listen then decide for yourself. They are not one of my favorites, but several individual songs are great. Most of the ones mentioned above.
  17. you didn't mention putting me up for a couple days. I guess that's a no?
  18. Thin Lizzy....yes best version. This song is infinately suited for dancing and/er well the other dancing.....! ::
  19. I can't wait for pictures. And jr, I'll take those lugnuts, and the picture. Y'all were messin with experience with me!! ::
  20. I just wanted to add the song Johnny B Goode? That's the Johnny the song is talking about. Also Eric clapton called Johnson the best blues pianist ever.
  21. It would be perfect for Sam Cooke, but while I am not a huge Journey fan, I do think Steve Perry has one of the best voices in rock.
  22. Mr Johnnie Johnson died today. He was 80 years old. For those of you that don't know, he was Chuck Berry's piano player. He has been credited with some of the earliest influences on rock music. He and Berry collaborated on most of Berry's hits. They were both from the St louis area, and have been mainstay's of our musical culture, both still playing in and around St Louis to this day. He will be greatly missed.
  23. Congratulations and Best Wishes, to Mom, Dad and Shawn! Elvy, truly I am so happy for you. How about hair? Lots or is he a little cue ball? Doesn't matter, he's just a little angel. You may not have time to read this elsewhere, but I'm going to be a granny again too! Hey, I think I guessed pretty close on weight and length...I'll have to look back and see. You take it easy, Crystal, sleep when Shawn does, and post when you can. We all love you guys!! ::
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