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  1. I love listening to 50's stuff. It's mostly all "feel good" music. I think part of that is that there was a little bit of rebelliousness in it, and you can feel the joy of the artists in playing and singing the way they want to.

  2. these guys are going to some lengths to make sure this concert is available price wise to everyone. Tickets go on sale this Saturday for us in St Louis. Besides reasonable ticket prices, for the first week of sales there is no service fee for ticket sales at the box office. It was announced on the radio that Mellencamp is covering the service fees. Cool huh? ::

  3. As much as I'd love to see all the world has to offer, more than anything I would love to explore the United States. Visit all the places I have read about. I'd love to visit the coast of Maine, the Carolinas and the east coast. The Dakotas, and so much more. There is such a variety to explore and experience right here. I love history,and the history of any place I happen to be is what I love to learn about.

  4. When I say geek trip, I mean a trip whre you actually learn something. When I was a kid most of Route 66 was still in exsistence. It starts in Chicago, but I have traveled the route from St Louis to Needles Ca and beyond. I remember loving that trip. Now that so much of the Highway is gone, I'd like to see just where it has gone(disappeared) to!

  5. Several more right answers I forgot to post. Yes Shank's mare means on foot. Rosin, as in rosin up your bow, makes it slide smoothly. Doodlebug, Diggs has the name right, it's a bomb. Lats in my experience are piecesof wood maybe 2 inches wide, that provide the support for walls. These were under a thin coat of plaster.

  6. And that is just as I expected!

    Publicity folks, publicity. And we all know that all the guys in the band began slowing down in the 90's. These are older men, with families, real lives, but careers which require a certain amount of publcity and spin to sell records. It is a business after all, and the Stones have excelled at that business.

  7. I have lots of ideas for "dream vacaions",tropical islands, beaches, mountains, sailing etche rest of you have more.

    I also have my geek vacaion, a vacation where I can actually

    study something and learn more about somthing. That dream vacation for me is Route 66. I am facinated by the history and sociology of this highway. It was not just a road, but a way of life for many. My dream is follow Route 66, as much as posible, from St. Louis to LA. When I was young I used to make this trip, when the Highway was still in use. i remember a lot, and want to see what is there and what is not. I know some parts of the road do not even exist anymore so it could be quite the adventure.

    How about anyone else, geek vacations you'd like to take?

  8. Number 19 - Fanny Blankers-Koen, the first woman to win 4 gold medls in a single olympics, and set 7 world records. This was sometime in the 1940's, Probably after WWII.

    There is a large breed of dog called a Clumber Spaniel or

    Springer Spaniel. Very large cumbersome dogs, but used as working dogs for herding and keeping watch over sheep.

    Gis I was really lucky, when my grandfather was 95, he was

    worried that his family would not remeber or know what his life was like so he sat down and made tapes, in his own words, telling his life story, and situations. It is extrememly interesting and I cherish those tapes! Good for you for wanting to know!

  9. first one that sprung to my mind is 'blinded by rainbow's by the stones.....great track "do you sleep at night - i doubt it"

    Another of my favorites, and yes, what a great line.

    Those would be my favorite Rock songs, but Somewhere Over The Rainbow is my all time favorite!! ::

  10. Not that old, but a poignant song that touches heavily on the troubles in Ireland is u2's Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

    It has been said that Bono was placed on the IRA's hit list because of this song and a performance of it. No offnce to our Irish members, and maybe they know more about this? I find it very interesting, being of Irish descent. It would definately be something no one else would do.

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