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  1. I need to find the name and artist of this song I heard on a show, so far the only lyrics I can sort of understand are "she knows all my friends...?it never ends? She was born too late...?she sees all my days?...(something)fades away...She is just like the ?weather?...Only better." please help it's driving me mad it is a guy singing if that helps.
  2. Ok so my friend and I were driving one day and listening to an oldies station and this song came on we didnt pay any attention until we heard the lyric "like a sock without a shoe" now we must know the name of the song. I know its about a guy missing a girl and wanting her back but i think every oldies song is about that. anyway I need your help. I've googled forever and gotten nothing. Help!!
  3. ok this is weird but it might be cantaloop by us3 i dont have anything i can play the notes on but the lyrics are like bidibidibob and at some points they say dip trip flip fantasia. hope i helped.
  4. I as well believe it is probably original but everytime i hear it i think of iggy pops lust for life if that helps
  5. Just a guess because thats the kind of stuff they are known for but it could be richard cheese and lounge against the machine, they were carson daly's house band in vegas and ive heard them on xm several times they also do songs like in da club by 50 cent and all kinds of crazy stuff never meant to be loungicized but nevertheless is amusing and sometimes even good.
  6. Chaff those were some great wedding song suggestions but the Van Morrison lyrics were a bit off. One line is when the fog horn blows, later he says when that fog horn whistle blows,another is Hark, now hear the sailors cry. Sorry but i hate it when i go through life and realize the lyrics were wrong but i was singin them that way anyway i do it all the time. BTW if it happens to you to go to www.kissthisguy.com its an awesome website with all of the most misquoted song lyrics. Oh and some good wedding songs: Young at heart and All the way by Frank Sinatra (Celine Dion does a cover of all the way if youre not a frank fan but who isnt a frank fan?) Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley Nothing compares 2 U by sinead O'connor For a little pep, Lets do it by joan jett and paul westerburg or I want you to want me by cheap trick some to slow dance to and even some to jam to yay fun wedding songs for all
  7. Two Bit Hoods are a band from huntington WV (Its a seperate state for those who might ask)They play punk n roll great combo their website is at www.twobithoods.cjb.net They have contact info so you can ask about a cd or mp3 even. They don't compare well to any mainstream bands that i can think of, but give them a shot they're great guys.
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