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  1. In Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love" I thought she said "that's just an old bathtub seat" instead of "that's just an old fantasy." In John Mellencamp's "Little Pink Houses" he says "I can remember when you could stop a clock." I thought he said " I can remember when you could starve a plum." I asked my dad what it meant to starve a plum. Oh yeah, I got made fun of hard core for that mis-listen!
  2. I don't have much to contribute, as my bar going days were during the Macarena years I suggest: Janis Joplin-Piece of My Heart Neil Diamond-Cherry, Cherry Kenny Rogers-Lucille The Rolling Stones-Tumbling Dice
  3. I'm not so much into songs by any Beatle member being covered, but Lee Ann Womack did a nice version of "Let 'Em In."
  4. I turned on Closed Captioning to figure out what is said at the end. I think it is just "finger puppets" repeated.
  5. That discovery is the best news I have ever read in my life!
  6. Oh yeah, I ROCKED Lyrical Pursuit for a perfect score! And my second game had a Ryan Adams question!
  7. "I got my hash pipe" is "Hash Pipe" by Weezer. I dig on Rivers Cuomo, their lead singer.
  8. Gene Frenkel is not real! He was never a member of BOC, just a character made up by the writers of that sketch. As far as who really played the cowbell on the actual song, I think it was BOC's lead singer.
  9. VH1-I Love The 90s played a clip of that part in the 1991 segment. Buffalo Bill reminded me of Justin Hawkins from The Darkness.
  10. Harold and Maude. Very off beat love story about a death obsessed young man who falls in love with a 79 year old woman. GREAT soundtrack, which comes mainly from Cat Stevens Tea For the Tillerman album.
  11. I think it's possibly Flanagan and Allen. He is a WWII buff and the song seems to be about Hitler. Lyrics would make this easier. I was trying to answer my own question and I found a site called onehitwondercentral.com I think it's pretty good.
  12. I truly, with every fiber of my being, H8 S8er Boi, but I would not post that in the facts section. I save it for the message boards, which were designed to be the opinion area. Most of the people who post comments of hate on the FACTS section never post in the boards. They come on, post "Yoko Sucks" or whatever, then crawl away. And I hope away they stay. I actually typed S8er Boi. My IQ just dropped 30 points.
  13. The only one I can think of right now would be The Beatles "Two of Us."
  14. My friend Chris is trying to find out who sings a song called "Run Rabbit Run." I haven't been able to find any lyrics for a song with that title. Does any one know if Stve Miller Band ever recorded a song called "Run Rabbit Run?" I'm sorry I don't have a snippet of lyrics to go along with my query.
  15. Whatever happened to big movie theme songs? It seems like the 80s were full of them (Footloose, I'm All Right, Highway to the Danger Zone,-hmmm all Kenny Loggins too!) The last big movie theme song was My Heart Will Go On. Now it seems movies don't have big, epic songs written expressly for them.
  16. This song was used in a commercial for Waffle House when I was a little girl. We used to have breakfast at WH on Saturday mornings. I guess commercials really do work.
  17. In "Small Town" John Mellencamp says "I cannot forget from where it is I come from" The English major in me wants to wring his neck for using the same preposition twice.
  18. I forgot a great Stewie quote from Family Guy. Stewie is trying to call home: "867-5309. Lois? Damn you, Tommy Tutone!"
  19. People magazine published the phone numbers for all band members in revenge for all the crank calls to anyone having an 867-5309 phone number. I had a friend named Jenny. She got teased with this song a lot.
  20. Future EX-husband? E.C. does get DE-vorced alot. Time magazine get De-Lovely a bad review, but, to quote another cinematic masterpiece, Big Daddy: "most critics are cynical a--holes." Cole Porter was from my great home state of Indiana. I probably won't get to see De-Lovely till it's out on DVD. I live in a town that keeps Pirates of the Carribean for a month and a half, but would never get a movie about a homosexual classic song writer.
  21. I am listening to My Sharona by the Knack and it got me wondering about bands that were supposed to really go places, then, sort of fizzled. The Knack was supposed to be the next coming of The Beatles, but as far as I know, the really only had one hit in My Sharona. I'm don't really know what happened to make them fall just short of huge success. Maybe VH-1 should try to reunite them on Bands Reunited. Do you all know of any other acts that were poised to be big, but then went no where?
  22. I wanted a Mr. Microphone more than anything when I was a wee one. After that insight into my past, I want to say I will not be able to get Let Her In out of my head for days.
  23. I myself have mentioned Three Dog Night a few times. Just the other day I mentioned them in the what song are you listening to now thread. I love Three Dog Night.
  24. Could it be Bonnie Raitt-"Not the Only One?"
  25. I own 18 on the list. Most are Beatles, and one is Journey's Greatest Hits.
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