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  1. We need an icon with a keytar. How 80s!
  2. I answered A Hard Day's Night, but I love The White Album and Magical Mystery Tour equally.
  3. I heard " Blew out my flip flop/Stepped on a pop top" as "Blew out my flip flop/Stepped on a POP TART"
  4. Losing My Religion-R.E.M. Blackbird-The Beatles Alison-Elvis Costello When the Stars Go Blue-Ryan Adams Brass In Pocket-The Pretenders
  5. P.S. is that a say anything quote, costellogirl?
  6. Going on lyrics and the pure enjoyment I derrive from listening, I vote for Ryan Adams "Heartbreaker" Going on technical achievment, lyrics, influence, importance, and other fancy pants criteria like that, I vote The Beatles (White Album)
  7. Madonna (with Massive Attack) I Want You
  8. I am not embarrassed by any of my tacky, horrible, cheesy musical preferences. I like Bread, The Carpenters, the Captain & Tenille, and lots of other stuff people would hide under their bed. Some of my musical taste is surprising to people who know me. No one would expect me to love Ozzy and KISS, but I do.
  9. Do any of our intrepid KISS fans know if KISS Meets the Phantom in the Park is available on VHS or DVD? I saw exerts in VH1-When KISS ruled the World and this movie is a definite must see!
  10. Gillian, we in the states eat MANY unappetizing things. PB n J is probably the most common of all sandwiches eaten in the U.S. It's cheap, fast, easy, and filling. Next we shall discuss Rocky Mountain Oysters.
  11. 3. Your PBnJ: Crusts on or cut off? huh? whats pbnj? Gillian- a PB n J is a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  12. 1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? 2. What is the last movie you saw in a theater? 3. Your PBnJ: Crusts on or cut off? 4. Who was your first celebrity crush and how old were you? 5. Ink pens: blue or black ink? 6. What is your favorite color? 7. If you had $100 to spend in 5 minutes, what would you buy? 8. What is your favorite cereal? 9. Choose one: A B C and tell why you picked it. 10. Name a quote that says a lot about you. My Answers 1. mint chocolate chip 2. Anchorman 3. crusts off 4. Nicholas from Eight Is Enough. I was 5. 5. Black 6. Pink 7. I would download 100 songs 8. corn flakes 9. C, cause C is for cookie 10. " I have my books and my poetry to protect me."
  13. bazooka, I totally understand your HOLLERING now! :: I just get uppity because I was a lit major in college and have read the Iliad and Beowulf a gagillion times. I am not at all against adapting books into films, but leaving out essential elements (like the gods) just rankles me. Personally I would rather see an 8th Century poem get turned into a move than rides at Disneyland. I guess that's why I don't work in the movies.
  14. Sara, there probably are Borders in Wyoming, but not in my small, tourist infested hamlet. Actually, our local book store has more magazines than I ever knew existed. I probably was looking in the wrong spot.
  15. I was HOLLERING as you so eloquently put it, not spawnfreak. The gods play a very important role in the Iliad, therefore they should have been included in the film Troy.
  16. I wonder if they will omit Grendl, like they omitted the gods in Troy.
  17. I believe Kurt quoted a Neil song with the line "It's better to burn out than to fade away" in his suicide note. Amy is the Neil Young expert, so perhaps she'll weigh in and provide the correct song title. I should read ALL the post before I answer cause I totally said what you said
  18. I tried to find Men's journal at my local book store but I couldn't find the mag any where! ::
  19. I got all dressed up in spandex, platform boots, a yellow clown wig, and caked on pink eye shadow and lipstick because I thought this was a thread about Twisted Sister! Well, I'm not gonna take it!
  20. Jack Black REALLY wants to play Ozzy. I think he would kick ozz, and he looks like he could bite the head off a myriad of animals. (Peaches, I mean that as a compliment!)
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