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  1. at the end of Ob-La-Di, Paul says "Desmond does his pretty face" instead of Molly. The Beatles thought it was funny so they kept it in.
  2. Since I'm getting creaky and almost 30, VH-1, which used to be the "old people" video channel, actually provides me a source for new music. My favorite way of listening to music is whilst I am on my computer, but I also like to listen to music while I go to sleep.
  3. Rod Torfulson's Armada Featuring Herman Menderchuck! Oh how I love The Kids In The Hall. My favorites are Leather and the Suedes and Josie and the Pussycats. But they left out Moop.
  4. No matter where you go, there you are OR "Just do what you do best; follow me around and act stupid"
  5. I forgot some from Old School: "We got a pretty nice little Saturday planned...we might go to Home Depot, but I don't know if we'll have time" "We're going streaking!" and of course, the "Dust In the Wind" moment: "You're my boy Blue!" Will Ferrel has ruined Don't Fear the Reaper and Dust in the Wind for me because I can't stop laughing when I hear them now.
  6. I now have Oglethorpe, from ATHF. Oglethorpe is voiced by Andy Merrill (also the voice of Brak), one of the great unrequited loves of my life.
  7. Harold and Maude-Harold is on a date with an actress, and he shows her a large knife and says "Do you enjoy knives?" Billy Madison-"Nudie magazine day! Nudie Magazine Day!" and the shampoo/vs/conditioner tub scene The Wedding Singer-the "Love Stinks" scene and when Robbie sings his song for Julia on the plane Almost Famous-Penny Lane's O.D. Chicago-"Cell Block Tango" and "I Can't Do it Alone" Napoleaon Dynamite-Napoleon throws the vote for SUmmer button and runs away
  8. Billy Joel Elton John Rod Stewart Carole King Janis Jopllin Simon & Garfunkle R.E.M.
  9. My name is Shannon Dyan, but my friends call me Princess Adikie Candy Lover Letterman
  10. I have to have Uncle Rico's orange van! I want to move out of my apartment and live in a van just like that one. And I must have Napoleon's boots. I think the fashionistas are missing a huge possible trend in Napoleon's weird T-shirts. One of my favorite lines is when Pedro says (to get Summer to go to the dance) "I'll probably build her a cake or something." Sarais right, Kip is really cute, but he is so much hotter with socks pulled up almost to his knees and slip on black tennis shoes!
  11. My first concert was New Kids on the Block. I saw them a total of 3 times. I've seen Alan Jackson 3 times too.
  12. XANADU (oh, the roller boogie fun!) All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth (I get WAY too much joy from singing this song) Love Potion Number 9
  13. I love any 80s hairband ballad, and I get a little teary at Journey's "Faithfully." "I Honestly Love You" tugs my heart strings too. I'm just a big ole sap!
  14. Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits Volume 2
  15. Soft Ball Beat On The Brat ("with a baseball bat")-The Ramones
  16. You and I are the only people on the boards who are psyched at this. WHOOO HOOOO for new R.E.M.!
  17. I watched 7th Heaven just to mock her. She is a terrible actress!
  18. Don't hurt yourself when you shake your bon bon!
  19. PS - one for Costello, I once saw Elvis Costello in a supermarket in Camden (London). He was studiously comparing frozen vegetables, so I didn't like to interrupt (you don't do you?), so I didn't meet him either. Buying frozen vegetables is an important task, so I am glad you did not interrupt. I however would have acted like a hair tearing gal circa Beatle mania and would have to have been escorted away by the police.
  20. My dream is to become the next ex Mrs. Elvis Costello. oh, wait, you didn't mean goal type dreams. OOPS! The weirdest dream I ever had involved me on an alien space ship and a nurse handing me a blob and saying "Here is your dead alien baby!" I dream of mice a lot. I HATE mice. Those dreams always freak me out so bad I can't go back to sleep.
  21. then it shows Homer playing the guitar with a mop on his head, in the episode where he meets the Who, which is my favorite TV show.
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