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  1. No problem. Just glad I could help you out. I love music so anyway that I can get someone help with music or get someone interested in music is worth my time.
  2. Authority Zero is the name of the band and punk is the name of there sound. Well they have a punk sound but they listen to so many genres of music themselves that it all has an influence on their work. I guess you could compare them to bands like "Sublime". They are based in Arizona. They have a website Authority Zero.com. Here you can listen to some of there tracks, here some of there acoustic tracks in the "Extras" section and you can stream some of there videos. The album is called "A Passage in Time", I have it and it is one of my favorite albums in my collection. I love this band they ar
  3. Well personally I had heard the name but never heard any of the music. But loving music as I do I looked into it. I found a site with information on him and his band. I hope that it helps. Click Here
  4. Kid Rock mentioned him in the song "Bawitdaba".
  5. I guess they would be considered a rock band. They have two albums out that I know of there maybe more. I think they are a pretty good band. You could check out their website here.
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