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  1. Joni Mitchell was/is the business on the guitar.
  2. 1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mint chocolate chip. 2. What is he last movie you saw in a theater? Enchanted, I think. 3. Your PBnJ: Crusts on or cut off? On. 4. Who was your first celebrity crush and how old were you? Either the girl what played Daisy Duke or Paulina Porizkova/however you spell that. 5. Ink pens: blue or black ink? Black. 6. What is your favorite color? Black. 7. If you had $100 to spend in 5 minutes, what would you buy? A BBE Sonic Maximizer pedal 8. What is your favorite cereal? I hate cereal. 9. Choose one: A B C and te
  3. Tony, I love Tom Waits. He's an acquired taste, to be sure, but once you're hooked...
  4. I can't speak for most people, but I put him here because he is an increbibly talented and underappreciated bass player.
  5. I, for one, think that Thom Yorke has a beautiful voice that perfectly fits the music of the band. That should be the ultimate goal of a singer.
  6. 1. James Jamerson 2. Paul McCartney 3. Jaco Pastorius 4. John Paul Jones 5. Victor Wooten
  7. 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Stevie Ray Vaughan 3. David Gilmour 4. Brian May 5. Ty Tabor 6. Jimmy Page 7. Eric Clapton 8. Charlie Christian 9. Paul Simon 10. James Taylor
  8. "Well, sometimes I get the menstrual cramps real hard." "These balloons blow up in funny shapes?" "Not unless round is funny." I love this movie.
  9. There's a line from the acoustic version of The Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" that goes something like: "I watch from the wings of the play you are staging, While I'm sitting here doing nothing but aging." Shame George left it out - that's one of his better lyrics.
  10. I don't think there's anything wrong with Farin wanting to drop the Nazi references. I'd feel the same way if people automatically associated my country with slaveowners.
  11. Didn't "get the point of" - sorry.
  12. I take solace in the fact that Blind-Fitter, who is always right, didn't get the analogy either. That translation started off kind of funny, but then it just went into the normal conversation. That was another waste of 4:33. Topical humor!
  13. Doesn't your analogy mean that you're the kid who will eventually realize that the tie/tank combo is ugly? That's how I read it. Oh, and thanks for exposing me as the only person in history who had this opinion of John Cage! Such a weight has been lifted...
  14. I'm essentially paraphrasing your common line "That's not an opinion, it's a fact." And at no point did I say anyone who likes John Cage and the like is "stupid". I don't base my opinions of people on their personal taste in music (save for the Timberlake fans ). My point was that people who don't know anything about "art" figured that if they didn't "get it" then it must be "genious".
  15. John Cage is the most overrated "composer" in history. He, along with Marcel Duchamp and everyone involved with Fluxus, should've been thrown in a river. The whole philosophy of "Gee, I can't do anything new, so I'll do something completely stupid and abstract while surrounding myself with people who are afraid to admit it's stupid and abstract so they'll tell me what a genius I am" in art and music in the middle of the 20th century is why people who suck think they're great.
  16. Did you know that the aforementioned bald rock idol's latest song was written by the same writers that brought us: "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" "It's Gonna Be Me" "Oops! I Did It Again" "Girlfriend" "Let U Go" by something called "Ashley Parker Angel" And also hits by S Club 7 and Ryan Cabrera! The integrity just oozes from that glistening pate and those intimidating wristbands. Burn!
  17. It's shocking what a decent producer can make out of zero talent. Not saying anything good, but a hit... Anyhoo... Jon Brion Butch Vig Ric Ocasek (because the first Weezer album sounds amazing) Um, George Martin
  18. It's nicknamed "Symphony Of A Thousand" for good reason. I think an average performance uses full orchestra (roughly 100 members), 850 singers - two full choirs and a boys'/children's choir - and 8 soloists. Sick. The text used for this part is indeed from the final part of Göethe's "Faust". The whole is thing is pretty much a love song to Mahler's wife, a cheating whore. Original German: Alles Vergängliche ist nur ein Gleichnis; das Unzulängliche, hier wird's Ereignis; das Unbeschreibliche, hier ist es getan; das Ewigweibliche zieht uns hinan. English: Everything tra
  19. The ending of the greatest thing ever written, Mahler's 8th Symphony. It starts very quietly and slowly, but please stick with it. It's worth it. Farin, at least, might understand the words... Oh, and Simon Rattle may very well creep you out.
  20. Fine, fine. I thought you liked teases. Anyhoo, I think it's Jack's dad. Here's why: Jack saw him on the island Jacob had white shoes on Jacob kind of looked like him Apart from Jack, he was also in contact with Sawyer and Claire (who else?) His name is "Christian" Of course, I'm probably wrong.
  21. I love, love, love the flash forward. Now I'm most intrigued by what happened before they got off the island. Also, I think I know who Jacob is, and it sort of makes sense.
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