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  1. Okay, I can probably think of some things. :)

    "Eve" - The Heavy Sandwich

    -written by A. Peeples/J. Nipe/M. Thomasson/A. Scull

    -So it's about a sort of mean girl in Florida.

    -It has a round in it.

    -We've played it in various different styles, but our favorite was with a latin drum beat, piano and violin.

    -We've played it acoustically on the radio.

    -On the album I borrowed a 12-string guitar, a Danelectro.

    -I once took tracks from the album version and remixed them to use in a rap song by a friend of ours, and he's performed it live.

    -Radhi will star in the video, once she agrees to the knife-throwing.

    I'm sorry, that really isn't very interesting. Feel free to make things up if it helps. :)

  2. Okay, a different version of "Eve" is on the page now. It's not perfect, but that's what happens when you try it once. :)

    Also, the new song "Matters" has been added to the page. It's generally pretty rocking, but this is an acoustic version.

    Thanks for checking them out, should you do so.


  3. I don't think the government should be "promoting" anything except equal rights for everyone. When every single heterosexual marriage is free from scandal then people can begin to discuss whether or not a same sex union compromises the traditional definition. Because I don't think a 50% divorce rate was part of that. :)

  4. I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, so if there's a better suggestion...

    Anyhoo, my band, The Heavy Sandwich, has put a few new songs up on our MySpace page. These are live recordings, so they're not perfect. I know a few people here got our last album, so I figured I'd post a link here in case they (or anyone else) would like to check them out:


    "China Bed" and "Sheldon" are the two new ones. Be kind. :)

    (Oh, and I know that Levis seems to dig the song "Eve" - just for you, there's a weird version from the same show forthcoming.)

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