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  1. Submitted for your approval, a tale from a post-apocalyptic world/time. This world has few people alive, due to a marauding "Wind" that shies away from certain kinds of water, but turns people to dust, otherwise. Survivors are on their way to "a place that grants wishes." It looks and feels much more interesting than "The Darkest Hour" (2011), a Russian movie, where invaders drop from the night sky to eliminate people and take certain resources.
  2. Submitted for your approval, a quarter screen, "seen through a dirty window" episode of "St. Elsewhere." Starting with Father Joseph MCabe in 1935, pausing in 1965, moving on to 1975, then solving a mystery in 1985, medicine progresses over time. (Adjust the playback speed as needed: 1.25 for the theme music, back to normal for dialogue.) I have wondered if there are fans of "Boston's second best hospital/Mortician's delight," but it's NOT "Grey's Anatomy," is it? "Time Heals," Part 2 'Dr. Mike" looks at "New Amsterdam"
  3. I'd set the Windows 10 Goove Music Player to "random." and this "Live at Red Rocks" track came up. The official video invokes the 1970's, but since I was doing something else in the 1980's, this "first seen on MTV" version comes to mind. Where/Who/What were you with when "Your Wildest Dreams" was on the radio or MTV?
  4. Submitted for your approval, a good quality electronic equipment brand that aimed at the middle of the market. "Techmoan" has a "stealth brand" for budget stereophiles in search of "good value flying under the radar."
  5. https://killmondaygames.itch.io/mr-reds-jolly-balls Submitted for your approval, a link to a Killmonday Games "Winter Theme Game" created in just 2 weeks! How to make a 3D video game in TWO weeks!
  6. And now for Something Positively Jurassic! Do you remember "Taxi," which featured the many lives and characters at The Sunshine Cab Company? Let us return to the days before VCRs, Cell phones, and personal computers. The Wayback machine stands ready to take you back to 1978 and standard definition network TV on ABC... "Taxi": Cab 804, Part 2
  7. Submitted for your approval, a "blast from the past." It's a VCR! ("Never heard of it?" Kids these days...) Children and easily offended/Religious adults find R-rated movies a problem, since "Folk!" "Shirt!" "Dorm!" "Abshole!" "Jessica Crust!" offensive/sacriligious, or just too many shocks per viewing minute. Fear not, the Sanyo VWM-710 has the "TV Guardian" system to defend your ears from "scatalogical language." The final item on the Setup Menu allows you to set the "block-and-replace" level of spoken and Closed Captioning dialogue to make, say, "Aliens" acceptable for after Bible Study class.
  8. Otokichi

    "Fran Bow"

    Killmonday games, the creator of 'Misfortune," brought "Fran Bow" to the gaming world and scored a hit. This "horror adventure" game features a point-and-click interface with music instead of speaking characters. Some have suggested that "Fran Bow" is related to "Misfortune," but first you will have to rendezvous with "Mr. Midnight" in the forest...if you can escape the asyum... "Jackskepticeye," voice actor version. Behind the scenes at Killmonday Games: "Fran Bow" documentary
  9. A Marriage License clerk gets a fantastic idea, meets his partner, an a lawyer "who drives a taxi," and strikes gold in the city. His next door neighbor keeps the operation running smoothly until a "Boss Tweed"-type steps up to muscle into "the racket." On top of that, the lawyer's brassy, pushy, redhead ex-wife threatens to spill the beans to the apparently naive boss. Enter an Oklahoma oil magnate, and the pot begins to boil. Not bad for an RKO romantic comedy that will play on Turner Classic Movies this Sunday, 1/5/2020. (But you get to see this little gem first!)
  10. It's January 1, 2020, and the Annual Red and White song contest will appear in selected TV and Internet streams later today. If you don't speak Japanese or aren't up to current J-Pop, here's a Kyu Sakamoto song celebrating Life in Japan. Background on NHK's Kohoku Uta Gassen
  11. Submitted for your approval, a video from the folks who might stop your car. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Law...
  12. It's 2020, and 2019 is in the rear view mirror. You find yourself at the "SyFy" channel for their annual marathon of Rod Serling's black-and-white "The Twilight Zone" marathon. Suddenly, a rainbow appears and the world is in living color! Have the Colorizers gotten their hands on another monochrome classic? Nope, it's a colorful trip to The Past, courtesy of The Twilight Zone...
  13. It's a new year, so here's a song about starting over...
  14. Submitted for your approval, a 1991 (sorta) "2D scrolling game" without dialogue that puts you in a physicist dropped into another world/dimension by a lightning storm. I recall that there were many ways to die, and figuring out how to progress in the game would "tax the nine lives of a cat." Lace up your sneakers, it's going to be a rough ride "Out of This World.";)
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