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  1. Gab Smolders is taking a trip on the Wayback Machine to play a new version of a Nintendo PS2 game. It's up to version 5, and our intrepid Dutch explorer is going to play all of the series throughout the Summer of 2021. What lies ahead? How did this game become a gateway to Japanese language, culture, and tattoos? Press "PLAY" to continue...
  2. I was on YouTube and someone answered a post I'd made about PDQ Bach and Peter Schikele with a suggestion about a Country band that has outstanding players who "sound awful." I'll get back to that post and that band, but for some reason it reminded me of a most bizarre-looking Finnish Rock band, Leningrad Cowboys. If you like Vodka, Sauna, and plowing, this video's for you.;) Lester "Roadhog" Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys! "Alive at the Johnny Mack Brown High School" (1974)
  3. Father's Day is coming up. and "Techmoan" has a doozy of a "Fix-It Felix" piece of tech that would puzzle most "all-things-audio" experts. Submitted for your befuddlement is a background music player for your local Piggly Wiggly or Wal-Mart of the 1970's. As a business owner, you could regale your customers with your taste in Muzak, sprinkle the day with limited time sales announcements, and drive your staff to distraction. But the behemoth "needs a few repairs." Will Matt be able to play the one 1/4 inch tape cartridge he has? Press "Play" to find out...
  4. "Techmoan" and "VWestlife" don't have an "interesting electronic gadget" video this Friday, that I could see. So, let's see what Irish people on the TRY channel think of "American State Candy." These Emerald Isle folks have been subjected to various foods from across the world including Durian fruit. What will they think of candy that's identified with certain U.S. states? Rip open the wrapper, the Irish are in the house!
  5. Some video games have a dynamite soundtrack. Is Unknown Worlds' soundtrack for "Subnautica Below Zero," without the growls, screams, and "things that go bump underwater" relaxing? Take the plunge, the undersea vistas of Planet 4546B await...
  6. And now for something completely different. "Younger than Springtime" YouTube video makers have been viewing/reacting to Classic movies from "Casablanca" (It's Black-and-White!) to "Blazing Saddles." To get the weekend off to a rollicking start, "India" takes on "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"...and survives! ("Alien" and "Aliens" are also popular reactor's movies, as well.;)
  7. Gab Smolders puts on her Nancy Drew detective's cap in this Japanese-language-with-subtitles 1988 game that's been modernized for 2021. Can you figure out what's going on? Who's doing what to whom? (Just the thing to come down from the drama/terror of "Subnautica Below Zero.";)
  8. Summer is just over the horizon and you're itching to play your Classic "Beach Music" in LP form at the next "unmasking on the shore." Using Amazon Japan, "Techmoan" bought a retro version of the 1980's Columbia Japan GP-3 AC/DC portable record player. So, can this copy of a kid's/teen's record player make The Beach Boys come alive around the "Jaws' campfire" by the shore? Press "Play" to find out...
  9. Can you see who's calling you on the telephone? No big deal with today's SmartPhones? How about in the 1980's? Thanks to a Netherlands fan, "Techmoan" has two, TWO Sony video phones of the 1980's to show. Set the Wayback machine to "Space: 1999" and we'll see how this new-in-box, "Jetsons-era" tech works...
  10. The Wayback Machine broke down near Bethel, New York, and this was song was playing on 1969 radio.
  11. How well do you remember the events of your life? This short film has been compared to "Black Mirror," which I've never seen. But Rod Serling would recognize this tale.
  12. And now for something (sorta) completely different. "Subnautica: Below Zero" was officially launched this past week, so YouTube has numerous gamers "playing with Robin." However, in search of humor and "the fun unhipness of Neebs Gaming," here we go again. Let's do a crash landing on Planet 4546B that would make Roger Wilco proud. Summer is approaching, so let's get cool with Appsro... "Jacksepticeye" shows how much he's forgotten about "Below Zero"
  13. How about the ultimate "all-in-one" audio package? "Techmoan" searched Japanese audio auction sites for not-found-in-the-UK MiniDisc/Cassette/FM Radio compact systems. He had three very different experiences with his imports, as you can tell from the title. How did this MiniDisc-loving electronics Boffin fare? Play the video for an imported adventure...
  14. Last Sunday, Turner Classic Movies' "TCM Imports" broadcast "Run, Lola, Run" as the first of two foreign movies. (The second film was "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner." which I'd seen a while ago.) Since EVERYBODY has seen "Lola Rennt," here's a very different German film, "Goodbye, Lenin!" I haven't seen this film either, and I found one with English subtitles, to boot! So, return with us to those Cold War days, when The German Democratic Republic was a confident, forward looking state, kept in "good socialist standing" by the STASI...
  15. John Barleycorn Must Die - Traffic
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