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  1. Among the many subscriptions I have on YouTube, DUST is one of the most interesting/unusual/original channels around. I had forgotten about "Horizons" with numerous possible videos available, but this anthology is up to episode 6. I have some catching up to do, while all you have to do is press PLAY to experience strange new worlds. (No, that CBS series isn't up to the level of these tales.;)
  2. All right you "Natives defending the border," it's time to kick out the Illegal Aliens swarming into our territory! Yep, this is the "Homeland Security: Keeping out Illegal Aliens since 1620" edition. This game has been out for a while, and you're one of The People. How will you fare against other Indian tribes, White invaders, etc.? Is this anything like "Red Dead Redemption" for Aboriginals? Press PLAY and select your Spirit Animal...
  3. Wind it up and things go FUBAR. "Techmoan" had a problem with his Edison Cylinder Phonograph as his last video was nearly "in the can." A one-hundred-year-old metal bolt turned into "soft metal" and sheared off under double spring pressure. Matt dug out an unused screw extraction kit and "had at it." Did this hack work? Press PLAY to find out...
  4. One evening, I was tuned to TBS when the movie "FM) (1978) played. It had been some years since "WKRP in Cincinnati" had gone to syndication heaven, and the similarities between Q-SKY and WKRP just jumped off the screen. I've read that this movie was a flop at the box office, which was a relief for the series creator. So, what do you think, are the similarities a tad too close?
  5. I didn't see much of anything on YouTube about "Star Wars," which was a surprise. ("Let The Fourth Be With You!") I guess Disney's mission to destroy the franchise has succeeded. (sigh.) But it's another day, so celebrate the Battle of Puebla (1862), where the equivalent of a Mexican National Guard unit defeated an invading French army sent by Napoleon III. (Nope, NOT Mexican Independence Day.) Have some Dos Equis beer or Tequila and jump around in your Low Rider.;)
  6. Stretching "Song Images" way beyond FUBAR, here are several versions of a common soldier's favorite song from World War II. It all began with Simon Whistler talking about the most popular World War II song, and led to this video. Grab the latest "Star & Stripes," head off to the Latrine to "do your business," it's time to hear something on Grandpa's/Great-Grandpa's Hit Parade...
  7. The incredible shrunken Teen! You are small enough that ants are dog-sized to you, clover or grass requires an improvised axe to collect, and you have no idea how you got there. But there is a field station, and you start in a grassy jungle. Gather stuff and run it under the Analyzer to unlock blueprints as you munch on straw mushrooms and drink dewdrops. Are Spiders more of a threat than ants? Press PLAY to begin.
  8. You're a time-crunched 21st century Hipster that wants everything FAST? Fear not, some years ago, "Ernest P. Worrell" came back to life! Instead of taking nearly a quarter hour to get the skinny on a movie, here's Vern's neighbor to do it faster. (Reader's Digest has been out-condensed...again.;) So here's the express lane dope on "Scarface," with as much "Corn Pone Humor" as "Hee-Haw" in it's best days. Don't like this "Rural Free Digestion" of movies? Then don't Press PLAY to continue. You Have Been Warned!;) How about "The Rise of Skywalker"? Or "Aliens" Explained For Cowards?;)
  9. Hey there Jethro, got a pile of dirty dishes or a greasy broiling rack to clean? Tired of using way too much water and special cleansers/scrubbers? "Techmoan" has found something interesting. It started off as a crowd-funded item at $150 and is now available for the general public at $300. Press PLAY to see if it performs for Matt...
  10. It's Wednesday, and much later than you think. It's a bright, sunny day outside, but Mark Felton has a video that could shake your world. Fire up the Wayback Machine, it's "Back to the Cold War" time. If you're old enough to remember when "Duck and Cover!" was a grade school thing, Press PLAY to continue. Otherwise, "nothing to see here, move along."
  11. Hello Classic Music lovers, Professor Matt here with the latest Edison Cylinder recording of the modern era. Yessir, no bothering with "black flapjacks" or "shiny discs," this here is an early 20th century man's format! The Wizard of Menlo Park is no slouch to that Berliner upstart, since you can buy or make 4 MINUTE recordings. Just in via Imperial Post is a 4 minute cylinder from Nameless Dreamers with TWO songs! By cracky, there's still some life left in tactile wax cylinders instead of those soulless "electrical or digital recordings." Press PLAY to hear a 2020 artist on 1906 tech... Technmoan's theme, aka "Cuba Baion" remastered. Where it all began: March 15, 2010: The Nixie Watch
  12. A Rod Serling-esque tale of a modern airliner going through a strange storm into early World War II Europe. Hold on to your minds folks, they're gonna be blown!
  13. Nothing like a swim in warm, tropical waters on an unexplored ocean planet. What's that roaring? Is there something dangerous down there? Was that segment too short? Press PLAY to get it Live...
  14. What does a doting relative get for a pre-school kid that won't be destroyed or is too complex to use? "Techmoan" has an answer for the Ankle-Biter in your orbit/life. Get ready for another "set up via SmarPhone" Cloud thing that will keep your designated Rugrat out of your hair for up to 90 minutes. Tonies are a German thing, running a WiFi cube receiving server-based audio content triggered by an RFID chipped character. Got something to say? There's a Creative character to set up and send messages to young or the not-too-old. Press PLAY to connect to Peter Rabbit or "Grandpa Matt.";)
  15. How does this just-after-the-turn-of-the-century look like to an Asian Canadian? Press PLAY to continue. (Spoliers abound!)
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