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  1. I was "late in the day" to view this "Time Ghost/War Against Humanity" video, when I saw only a white page and no way to continue/log in/use a check box. This happened a couple of weeks ago, and reloading the page didn't work. I continued to roam YouTube for an hour or two, trying to start the video and getting nowhere. If you get this video to run, you will be told that this is content that may be "Offensive to viewers," and you will have to "hit the check box" to see it. As far as I can tell, this is another record of the pile of corpses left by the Nazis and their "helpers" during World War
  2. I've always washed the dishes and utensils "the old fashioned way." Dish Washer? That's for rich folks that set the table with real silverware and Wedgwood China. So I'm not much more advanced than a Boy Scout, washing Ye Olde Messkit in a bucket set on a fire in the woods/camp. Dann.Tech, a French company, contacted "Techmoan" to address this domestic task with a unit that "delivers squeaky clean" glassware in a tiny space, that consumes very little counter space, using at most, a gallon of water per cycle. Take a look at this modern marvel; I'm still a Kitchen Neanderthal with plastic plate
  3. Where does the Belcher family live? Why does Bob have a partial tattoo on his lower back? How many female characters are voiced by females? Are there connections with other animated series visible? See if you've noticed 25 interesting things in "Bob's Burgers.";)
  4. This lively, romantic, revolutionary Silent movie played on Turner Classic Movies "Silent Sunday" on January 10. 2021. I set the DVR for this movie before looking into the particulars of the movie. This is a tale of seduction, abandonment, and revolution, set in 18th century Naples. This is the only screen appearance by Russian Prima Ballerina Anna Pavlova, in the title role. (Note: "Dumb" means "Deaf/Mute.") This film has a very lively soundtrack, and set a record for costume design ($300,00 in 1915!). This movie is based on the revolutionary opera "Masaniello," the libretto of which took Br
  5. UK Guitarist Fil looked at Tony Rice's guitar technique.
  6. It's a "dumped guy/Blues" song in a very foreign language for the 1960's, but Kyu Sakamoto's song soared to the top of the U.S. music charts. In addition, it was a "fall down nine times, get up ten" song in Japan. Next time you hanker for Sukiyaki, remember this song, which lends itself to toasts and group sing-alongs. Besides, it has a bright, breezy tempo, belying the topic.
  7. Here's a blast from the component audio equipment past! "Techmoan" has found an 89 Pounds Sterling, "Dual" Turntable. Yessir, for your next cosplay party, you can dress up as a 1980's DeeJay and play your old LPs on a "cosplay Technics" turntable. But is this better than "the usual Crosley, Pizza box" turntable? Put on your battered copy of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and see what "Techmoan" DISC-overed.;) Here's a "Horrible Piece of Rubbish" mechanism to Avoid at all costs!
  8. This visual/musical journey through an ocean world takes place on an unnamed planet. This time, the marine wildlife are to be found on Earth. What does one do in this game? Explore, figure out what's the best approach for "dead areas," and marvel at the undersea world like a latter day Jacques Cousteau.;) Part Two of "Abzu" The Grand Finale of "Abzu"
  9. Do you hanker for an interesting game of skill and timing? Do you like trains? "Techmoan" has a game for you; be a Japanese train driver and see if you can arrive on time and at the station stop sign. Too bad there's no "Tarin to Busan" segment.;)
  10. While not the strangest thing I've seen on YouTube, this "picture and sing" video fits 2020 like a COVID mask. If I find something better, this will be History. But for now, it's "Winter for Hitler.";)
  11. John Themis' "Final Cruise" as seen by a "road warrior." Happy motoring...
  12. Submitted for your "March of Time: How Far Have We Come?" file. "Techmoan" has friends all over, and a Finn sent him a corporate-level slide projector with a recording system. Imagine yourself at a district conference where new products are being discussed/rolled out, and you can comment on each image/product. Just the thing for a "mid century corporate" collector or Ye Olde Antique Shoppe.;)
  13. Submitted for your confusion, a (wildly unscientific) rating of selected Christmas movies and "movies set at Christmas." Does your favorite Christmas score high or low? All rise, here comes The Judge!
  14. Submitted for fans of Auto Tune, so-so songs, and low-end artists, a year end assessment of Pop music. "Todd in the Shadows" has an archeological dig's worth of bones to pick over for this about-to-end year. The "Honorable Mention" list is almost as long as the Top Ten main list. Not having heard any of these songs before, I'm neutral/disinterested in this list. What say you, youngsters? (If any, that is.;)
  15. I was looking at the 1973 TV movie, "Birds of Prey," on YouTube, when I ran across an emphatic statement that "I'll Get By As Long As I Have You" in the movie was sung by Keely Smith. A search led to this LP-era, languid, 4 minute recording. In the World War II era, recordings were made at 78 RPM, so a disc side lasted a total of 3 minutes and some seconds. The tempo matches, and compared to the original soundtrack, the producers had to "mute the modern stuff" to match 1930's-1940's recordings. "Birds of Prey" 1973 TV movie (Check out the "P-40s attack Japanese bombers" and the "plane pursuit"
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