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  1. I ran across the "3 games that are better than 'No Man's Sky" post and looked for a recent play through of "The Long Dark." Since it's Springtime, but "social distancing" is in force, it's time to return to Winter in Canada. There's something growling outside this derelict cabin... Speaking of the new and improved "No Man's Sky"...
  2. Submitted for your disapproval, a mad scenario of epic nuclear devastation by the Time Ghost history team on YouTube. Aside from turning Paris into a smoking crater, take a look at Nukemap and see what various sizes of nuclear bombs would do to your city/town/region. I "dropped" a 1 Megaton Nuke on/over Ford Island at Pearl Harbor and witnessed the end of Honolulu in a flash. Since I live some miles from Honolulu, the book, "Alas Babylon" came to mind.
  3. A song about a Player amd a guy who's being played. Watch out boy, she's a maneater!;)
  4. Long before the Discovery channel got "Naked and Afraid," Les Stroud outdid "Bear Grylls" in the "surviving in remote places" for seven days, ALONE. Here he is again, to tempt fate far from city water and te comforts of home. "127 Hours"? Les has done that and still has all his limbs. "These boots are made for walking..."
  5. Otokichi


    According to Wikipedia, "Portal" was unleashed on the computer gaming world in 2007 and is "the best game ever made." Is ther life after "Subnautica" or "Animal Crossing"? Just listen to the "computer lady" and play the game.
  6. Have you seen oh-so-chic/Hip electronics in clear plastic cases? You have? OK buddy, where did your serve time at? "Techmoan" presents a lesser-known reason for clear plastic cassette tapes and cases when music CDs were tops of the Pops. In addition, there was a reason for "Skeleton"/clear plastic cases for radios, cassette tape players, and TV sets, as well. Get on the bus to Shawshank Prison, you're about to find all about Prison Tech...
  7. Submitted for your approval, The Ushanka Show does a "Try" segment. Will American teens like Soviet soft drinks? It's Spring, toss your old Ushanka into the air!;)
  8. How's this for a-non-April-Fool! post? H.G. Welles' most celebrated fictional British warship, "engineered into existence" by naval warship fan, Drachinifel.
  9. "Jacksepticeye" has dug his way out of the dungeon to...Meme Time!
  10. Submitted for your approval, The Right Way To Wash Your Hands and When To Wash Your Hands. (According to the World Health Organization.)
  11. And now for something completely (!) different. I was searching YouTube to see what Neebs Gaming was doing besides "GTA 5," and came across this. It's got music and video game action, but isn't a game, unless you've ever wondered if you could do something else (MOD!) a video game. Start this playlist if you dare, or else go back to Grand Theft Auto.
  12. Battles and conflicts labelled a "David vs. Goliath" contest have been told around campfires and bars for years. Submitted for your approval, a World War II naval battle that pitted escort and infantry support ships against a fleet of enemy battleships, cruisers, and destroyers bent on destroying the foothold in the Philippines. Get to your battle station, sailor, it's time for "Taffy 3" to face down the Imperial Japanese Navy's Northern Force...
  13. I saw this on CNN this morning, and it ranks with other "remote performances" by others on YouTube. "Weird Al" Yankovic: "Classical Gas" Paul Simon: "American Tune" remote & live Chic Endor: "Keep Your Sunny Side Up"
  14. Submitted for your approval, an epic tale from Dr. Mark Felton's "War Stories" series. April, 1943, Belgium: Nazi-commandeered transport trains have been taking Jews, Roma, and other "Untermenschen" to Germany to serve as slave labor or worse. An informal cell of three Belgian resistance fighters hatch a plan to stop Transport 20 and free the captives. Armed only with DIY materials and ONE pistol, it's time to Stop The Train!
  15. Submitted for your approval, a "deserted island adventure"! Set your part of the world, your game name, and your appearance before going to your destination. Got your hunter-gatherer instincts packed? Answer the questions posed by the squeaky-voiced staff and you'll be on your way...
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