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  1. I need to know, some songs that describe "a love on the rocks" a couple in love has had a fight and have split but want to be together again
  2. lol..........so who's car is it? :guitar:
  3. Thank you so much for the lyrics......I totally love this song! Oh and btw nice car....... :guitar:
  4. oh thank you thank you thank you I will be forever grateful :: :guitar:
  5. some of the lyrics are: "It was just a kiss.......she touches his chest, now, he takes off her dress, now......jealousy........."
  6. yea that is the first thread I visited thank you and I took one of the songs, but I am really trying to find more that r about loving someone who doesn't love you back!
  7. I need some songs (prferably 1985 & newer), that are about loving someone who doesn't love you the same way, and also about loving someone secretly!!
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