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  1. Sara, this is awesome! It makes it so much easier to make sure I don't miss any new posts if I've been busy and haven't been here in a day or so and there are fifty bazillion new posts as was the case this morning! Thank you soooo much!
  2. He's definitely done some memorable tunes and was a pioneer in the whole theatrical rock concert thing. I remember every year of highschool on the last day we'd blast "School's Out" in the cafeteria!
  3. I absolutely loved The Commitments!
  4. I had to go with the 60s. Bands that came out then had styles that still influence music to this very day... Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin (okay, really late 60s), Hendrix.... the list goes on and on....
  5. Slothchild64


    Great to hear they're touring again! Ann Wilson has one of the great female rock voices of all time!
  6. I loved that album! Heart to Heart was my favorite from it! In fact, I recently downloaded it off of Itunes! ::
  7. It's a techno artist called DJ Sammy. I'm assuming it's a DJ who uses a female vocalist...
  8. I highly recommend the soundtrack for "The Truth About Cats & Dogs", if for no other reason than the stunningly gorgeous Paul Weller tune "You Do Something to Me!" ::
  9. What a great combo! Now I've got "Renegade" stuck in my head!
  10. Love it so far! I'm a sucker for these types of games. I did find one glitch, however. When I'm done and click on Play Again, it doesn't take me to a new game. It just keeps me there. I have to go back out and come in again to a new game.
  11. I absolutely LOVE this genre! All the ones mentioned are wonderful! One of my all time favorites that I'll add to this list is Rufus & Chaka Khan -- in particular "Tell Me Something Good!" Love me some Chaka!
  12. That sounds like the song "Bother" from a band caled Stone Sour, a side project from Corey Tayor, lead singer of the band Slipknot. The song is included on the Spiderman soundtrack. It's such a haunting, disturbing, yet absolutely gorgeous song!
  13. Fine Young Cannibals recorded "She Drives Me Crazy." I don't remember the video that well, but I think that the members were the only people in the video. Perhaps someone else remembers more about the video...
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