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  1. At the beginningof "Good Riddance" by Green Day, it sounds as if Billie Joe starts to play on his acoustic guitar, then misplays the first frame, stops and says, "f*ck", and starts over. Knowing him, it may have been intentional, but they left it in.
  2. As, perhaps, the best looking guy in this group, I have a few suggestions: While in a band a few years back, we did all the "standards"- Tush by ZZ Top, Hard to Handle ny Black Crowes, ect. But when we really wanted to pump the crowd up, it was tunes like Jessie's Girl or Jenny Jenny (867-5309) that seemed to do the trick. My suggestion to you, if you want to do cover tunes, do songs that you can't hear on the classic rock stations every single day. Good luck!
  3. I used to like the Gin Blossoms. They had two albums of great melodic rock and then broke up.
  4. Kenny Rogers- Through The Years
  5. Are they the ones who did, "Smells Like Teen Spirit"?
  6. HENRY GROSS lyrics - "Shannon" Another day's at end Mama says she's tired again No one can even begin to tell her I hardly know what to say But maybe it's better that way If Pop-pa were here I'm sure he'd tell her Shannon, is gone I heard She's drifting out to sea She always loved to swim away Maybe she'll find an island with a shaded tree Just like the one in our backyard Mama tries hard to pretend That things will get better again Somehow she's keepin' it all inside her But finally the tears fill our eyes And I know that somewhere tonight She knows how much we re
  7. David Essex- Rock On Smile A little Smile For Me- The Flying Machine How Do You Do- Mouth and McCloud Lay A Little Lovin' On Me- Robin McNamara
  8. I'm kind of new here, so I don't know all the rules. Are forum members allowed to share mp3s?
  9. Rocky- Austin Roberts (early 70's) Dance With My Father- Luther VanDross Blind Man In The Bleachers_ David Geddes
  10. You Are So Beautiful- Joe Cocker Forever Young- Alphaville Beautiful- Christana Aguilara
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