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  1. I got 39 and I think it's very accurate, too.
  2. Agreed! I mean, he's definitely hot but he bores me to tears with his acting... I haven't seen this one, though.
  3. I swear, that might truly be the cutest picture I've ever seen!!! That should be on a postcard or something! or on my bed... Are they yours?
  4. Well, I definitely don't think that just because I like an artist, everyone else will/must. Especially after growing up with a brother who deliberately dislikes anything I like and loves anything that I think is dumb... It really doesn't matter to me if others like/dislike my music, but it is nice when I find people who can agree about music. Oh, and I do think U2 are fabulous. I don't have all their albums, but what I have heard has been great. I really respect the band for trying to be more than just rock stars and especially Bono, for all the social work he continues to do.
  5. I think the poem is great. It's fantastic that you can express your emotions that way and hopefully it makes you feel a bit better about things. I definitely think it could be a great punk/rock song! For the record, PM's can be a great way of communicating without letting everyone else know personal details...
  6. Pugs are so cute, but I hate that they've been made to look that way at a risk to their health. My brother (a vet) told me that pugs can get all sorts of complications (breathing, for one. sorry, I'm really sleepy) simply because their sweet faces are so scrunched up. So for that reason I'm kinda set against them. But they are so adorable... For the record, Schnauzer's are supposed to be the smartest dog, IIRC. Dalmatians, of course, are said to be the dumbest (no offense to anyone who has one/loves them! i love them too!) Okay, I should shut up and get to bed. Take care, guys! :sleepy:
  7. I'd love to do some Elvis, but one, I don't think I could pull it off and two, a lot of kids don't have a clue about Elvis... so it's gotta be something they can relate to as well... Or maybe I'd say screw 'em and sing what I want! :: By the way, how freaky is it that I talk about Elvis and Lisa Marie is on stage right now at the Grammy's?? ::
  8. It feels like you're reading my exact thoughts on any given night... Quite scary, actually, how similiar our feelings seem to be. It's really nice that you say everything without being blunt. Cuz the word suicide is so harsh. Your poem encompasses all the emotions without making it too obvious. I really like it. You should do more! But I must say I hope you're not feeling like that all the time. You can always PM me if you want to talk. Take care!
  9. Yes, you can! If I did, it'd have to be a Golden Retriever. That's been my dream dog for ages, but there are so many others I really love... They're all adorable. Peppurr, all three of your babies are truly the cutest ever!! But of course I'm biased to the sweet golden Buddy... Argghh!! I must have one! And UncleJoe, I'm really sorry about Sheena. I know how hard it is when you lose a dog, it's just like family. She's beautiful, by the way. A little angel.
  10. Wow, I never thought of Boxers as being cute, but your Tess is adorable, Foxy! The cats are cuties, too. Wish I could post my darling doggies but need to get my brother to fix the scanner first... Anyways, great thread!
  11. That's so great, XXX! I know the feeling you're talking about, I totally miss it! It's so fun when you're first falling for someone... *sighs dreamily* Good luck!
  12. I really like it, but I don't quite get why it's called "Morpheus"? Well, I don't even know what the word means, so... But anyway, I like the poem!
  13. Aquarius THE WATER BEARER is the sign of the thinker Aquarians are extremely independent, they just will not be tied down for long. Their firm views and opinions can change to stubbornness if they are pushed into a corner. Nevertheless they are very faithful and supportive in the right relationship. Even though they may get thoroughly involved within a relationship aquarians need to preserve their privacy and independence. The bright side Aquarians are usually lively, inventive and oh so original! Sailing in the opposite direction to the crowd comes naturally to aquarius, in fact this does not worry them, as they are always out of step with the world because they think ahead of their time and revel in anything different. As aquarius thinks today. so the world will think tomorrow. Aquarius is the most happily eccentric sign in the zodiac. Although it can be very difficult to get close to an aquarian, this fixed sign is loyal and faithful. Should you ask an aquarian for help, you will immediately get it, and all promises will be kept (at some point in the future). However please note that a helpful aquarian is very averse to being deliberately used. Aquarius is adept at taking information from several channels and processing all the numbers to see the big picture, and they do this while you think they are ignoring you! Sometimes this information is seemingly detected on their own private radar. Humanitarian, friendly, independent, quirky, willing, progressive, an original thinker, inventive, creative, loyal, idealistic yet rational. The dark side Aquarians are very unpredictable, they can be chaotic or calm, stubborn or flexible, rebellious or helpful depending on how they feel and what their own senses tell them. This is a sign which can in extremes be totally dedicated to being unconventional, being wired the other way round. This is a sign which can become detached to the point of coldness, stuck in a rigid and unrecognisable pattern. Aquarius has no care for what the world thinks and logically pursues their own set of social values. The isolation this brings is often a surprise, despite the super reliance on other senses, they can miss the obvious. Very unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, contrary, tactless, stubborn, perverse, emotionally oblivious. Ailments Injuries to lower legs, ankle problems, poor circulation, varicose veins, blood disorders, nervous disorders, sheer lack of sleep. Beneficial foods Pomegranates and pineapples. You are most compatible with Libra - superlative. Aquarius - truly out of this world. Gemini - best friends first, everything else follows. Aries - intriguingly lively. Leo - entertaining, at opposite ends of the rope. Absolutely no chance! Scorpio - conflict turns to war. Taurus - the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Virgo - little harmony, too much constriction. Cancer - hurtful. Capricorn - sticky, unless you speak earth sign. Your opposite sign is Leo Someone you know? The Tin Man from the yellow brick road, Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Bacon, John Travolta, Jack Benny, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Russell Grant, the UK Astrologer, Gene Hackman, Charles Lindbergh, Jack Lemmon, Burt Reynolds, Lewis Carroll, Helen Gurley Brown, James Dean, James Hoffa, Thomas Edison, Galileo, Eva Gabor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lee Marvin, Wolfgang Mozart, the Loch Ness Monster, Mother Goose, the Mad Hatter, General Douglas McAthur, Yoko Ono, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Franklin D Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Vanessa Redgrave, Jules Verne, Telly Savalas, George Burns (verging on Capricorn), Robbie Williams. Someplace you know? Arizona Michigan Lichtenstein Sweden WOW. I swear, this is quite freaky to me... I mean, I really don't buy into the whole astrology thing, but I'd have to say that 95% of that is accurate. :: The places mean nothing to me, but maybe that's cuz I've only been out of the country once?? I really hope the injury thing is wrong, too! I'm already having really bad backaches, I don't need "ankle problems"! But I swear I'm constantly having a lack of sleep... :: This is quite freaky. Anyway, I'm gonna go try to sleep now... :sleepy: And I will certainly try to eat pineapples from now on!! ::
  14. Fantastic man. Truly an icon and his music will definitely live on, no matter what kinda techno/dance/rap BS the future generation insists upon... Anyway, I really wish I'd lived in his generation, cuz I don't know too many of his songs. But my fave (like so many) is "My Way" followed closely by "Fly Me to the Moon" and "For Once in My Life"... Great, great stuff. And very nice blue eyes, btw!
  15. And yet, I still love the song... What a silly girl I am... ::
  16. That has quite a ring to it... :: No, seriously, there are lots of weird ones... Just can't think of any right now...
  17. Okay, this might make me sounds really stupid, but what's the controversy around "Stairway to Heaven"? :: Don't hold it against me, guys!!
  18. Yep, "Vision" is really good, too! You're excellent at this. You should definitely try to get someone to record it... and then let me know so I can download it!! ::
  19. Oh my god. This is amazing It's seriously like you're reading my mind... I really wish someone would record this! Wow... You're really talented, addicted! Great, great stuff. Kudos, man! Do more, okay!
  20. It's really well-written but I really hope this isn't a personal experience... It's terrible that this happens so much and no one does anything... I don't know what I would do if it were me...
  21. Marc, your baby girl is adorable! And she's a very lucky little girl... On a side note, I love getting letters in the mail too! Real letters... *sigh* been a while... I'm in too crappy a mood to think of things I love right now...
  22. Fabulous! That's the most important thing to me, actually. Kudos, Foxy!
  23. Chocolate Animals, especially doggies... Good food... mmmm Good music!! Soccer :: - honestly! lots more, I'm sure.
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