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  1. Well...I am 16. Unfortunately, I have to say I am part of this "generation" that listens to the crappiest music ever. Not a day goes by where I don't end up in arguments with my peers about how horrible the music that is being played on most radio is. Here's a funny story...this kid kept bothering me about "how much Pink Floyd sucks". To shut him up, I burned him a copy of Dark Side of the Moon. Since then, he hasn't said much anymore about it. It's funny how much you like good music once you bother listen to it, isn't it? As for downloading music, this is the way i see it: If they
  2. ZoSo820

    The Wall

    This subject has probably been brought up before, but hey, i'm new so give me a break. yes, pink floyd came out with a movie about the album believe it or not. personally, i think it is one of the most brilliant pieces of film ever created. your thoughts?
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