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  1. Me too!...I find that happens with a few of Elton's tunes...
  2. 1. Favorite Song? Let It Be ~ The Beatles 2. Last Song you listened to? Respect ~ Aretha Franklin 3. Song you hate to admit you like? Afternoon Delight ~ Starland Vocal Band 4. Song you listen to when you are sad? Imagine ~ John Lennon 5. Song you listen to when you are happy? No Matter What ~ Badfinger 6. Song you hate? Roxanne ~ The Police 7. Song you love to dance to? What I Like About You ~ Romantics 8. Favorite song from the past? Free Bird ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd 9. Ideal wedding song? We've Only Just Begun ~ Carpenters 10. Song you don't know the lyrics to but sing anyways? Any current songs that I like, but don't really know quite well yet.
  3. 1. Counting Stars – OneRepublic (2013) 2. Story Of My Life – One Direction (2013) 3. 3 A.M. – Matchbox 20 (1996) 4. Keep On Loving You – REO Speedwagon (1981) 5. I Swear – All 4 One (1994) 6. Blind Eye – Uriah Heep (1972) 7. Just Because – Lloyd Price (1957) 8. You – Candlebox (1993) 9. Groovin is Easy – The Electric Flag (1968) 10 Mixed Bizness – Beck (2000)
  4. Vale, Martino, Bennett, a few of my parents favorites...remember hearing these guys quite a bit growing up...always being played at family get togethers, holidays, and such...Very nice 55!
  5. I'm having issues with Youtube..I'll try to post the links later. Counting Stars ~ OneRepublic (2013) Love this song... Story Of My Life ~ One Direction (2013)...I don't really care for this group, but I do like this song... I Swear ~ All 4 One (1994)
  6. Godzilla 4/10....Some classics should not be redone, and this is one of them IMHO. This was a 2 hour movie and the first hour and a half was so long and drawn out...the last 15 minutes was somewhat entertaining with some very good special effects, but that's about it...But my residents did enjoy it, which makes me happy. Going to go see A Million Ways To Die In The West next..That looks good....hoping I won't be disappointed again...
  7. 1. Rio – Duran Duran (1982) 2. Like A Rock – Bob Seger (1986) 3. Listen To Your Heart – Roxette (1989) 4. These Are Days – 10,000 Maniacs (1992) 5. Evening Star – Kenny Rogers & Barry Gibb (1983) 6. How To Save A Life – The Fray (2006) 7. Downhill Rider – Bad Company (1982) 8. Rock And Roll Never Forgets – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (1975) 9. Follow Me – Uncle Kracker (2001) 10 Chances Are – Johnny Mathis (1957)
  8. Taking one of my residents to go see Godzilla, I'll let you know what I think...
  9. I hear ya CanAm...I did not see the video, and probably won't because it's just so disturbing...What I did see was the father of one of the victims speaking out on "Why wasn't something done to prevent this... why?" it was just so heartbreaking...he then went on to say "is it because this has just become a regular problem these days, and nobody, nobody is doing anything about it." it was so sad....
  10. Shawna, my sister saw Jersey Boys, she loved it, and I'm sure you will too!
  11. What game can we play so Ron won't have to play by himself?.... Summer breeze.
  12. Rio ~ Duran Duran (1982) Like A Rock ~ Bob Seger (1986) Listen To Your Heart ~ Roxette (1989)
  13. We saw Safe House awhile ago...It was okay, I think it could of been better...I usually like Denzell movies, but this one was just okay...
  14. Lehigh Valley Railroad Slideshow My friend had problems processing the video, so I gave it a try...took me awhile but got it to work...these are photos of the railroad many of my relatives worked at...also from the town I grew up in...Edna, thanks for suggesting "working on the railroad" song...I used a different version, but loved the song..fits well with the photos....and thanks to all who offered suggestions also...
  15. Prisoners 6/10 ... It kept my interest for awhile and then it just got too disturbing to watch...
  16. I'm going to go see Godzilla next week!
  17. Dude looks like a lady.... So part of my job is to teach my residents how to be independent in the community...I took one of my residents shopping so he could look for a certain Wii game he wanted to buy. We looked through all of what they had, couldn't find it. My resident says to me "maybe you should ask one of the sales clerks if they have it" so I said how about you asking if they have it? he said "okay I see someone right there, I will ask." He walks up the sales clerk, who was facing the shelves stocking them up and says "excuse me miss do you have....and the sales clerk turns around and my resident says "Oh I'm sorry, I mean sir".....
  18. Great, Ron...My sister is going to go see them this summer....I'm sure she will enjoy the show.
  19. Glad to hear you and your family are okay, Phil.
  20. 1. Heaven – Los Lonely Boys (2004) 2. Have A Nice Day – Bon Jovi (2005) 3. Numb – Linkin Park (2003) 4. Black Train – Montrose (1975) 5. I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys – R.Stones (1975) 6. Lightning Strikes – Aerosmith (1982) 7. Call It Pretending – Creedence Clearwater Revival (1967) 8. Walk A Mile In My Shoes – Joe South (1970) 9. Thunder Rolls, The – Garth Brooks (1990) 10 Younger Girl – Lovin Spoonful (1965)
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