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  1. Dont want to be all bymyself dont want to be...Name The artist and the song.
  2. Who is the artist and writer
  3. I would do anything Just to... One more time... I would do any thing...Its so hard to live without the love she gave to me...
  4. Pete sings this but Roger does most vocals in The who songs.
  5. Kinda like this "La La La laLaLa la and I was meant for you...".... Who is the artist and what is the song tittle?
  6. pbar


    I already have Black Betty and am trying to get more songs that the lyrics contain Betty
  7. I need songs that have any form of the name Suzy in the Lyrics.Can anyone help? Thanks Pbar
  8. Sorry if I hit a sore spot.Thanks for the info
  9. This song has some great git fiddle licks in it and I need help finding it on the net to get the tab this Dude can buz a git fiddle.Any Ideas would help.I have no idea who he is,but as a want to be guitar player I only dream to learn this one.This dude gets'er done. Please help and listen to it if you have not yet.
  10. Who sings it and is the correct song tittle?
  11. What are his previous names?
  12. Name the band. The song goes ... It Will Be All Right....
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