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  1. It Doesn't Matter Anymore--Buddy Holly
  2. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong--Spin Doctors
  3. I want to go home I want to go home Oh, how I want to go home
  4. Indian Outlaw--Tim McGraw
  5. Black Sheep--John Anderson
  6. Wasn't That a Party--The (Irish) Rovers
  7. Past the Mission--Tori Amos
  8. Maggie's Farm--Bob Dylan
  9. Let's Go to Vegas--Faith Hill
  10. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  11. Rub It In--Billy "Crash" Craddock
  12. Artists/Bands founded in Japan Aphasia Balzac C Dead End Envy F Gazette, The H I J Kyu Sakamoto L'Arc-en-Ciel M N O P Quruli Run&Gun S T Underneath, The V Wands X Japan Y Zeni Geva
  13. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap--AC/DC
  14. Don't bogart that joint, my friend Pass it over to me…
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