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  1. The Little Mermaid is hands down my all time favourite Disney movie!!! It is tied with Beaches as my all time favourite movie. I too always wanted to be Ariel and I used to sing the song all of the time. I recently bought 3 ariel dolls of off ebay because the hair on my *original* Tyco Ariel Doll, just didn't look right anymore. So I got that one and two others but I really only wanted another Tyco one. I was/still am obsessed with Little Mermaid, lol!!
  2. Beaches is my all time favourite movie!!! I have seen it literally more than 100 times and I cry every single time. The book made me to, not like the movie though. I can practically recite that movie!!! The Little Mermaid makes me cry too, when Eric goes off on the boat and Ariel is left crying, I am a total mess. Most movies make me cry though, I am a giant sap.
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