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  1. "Orlando's" by Twiddle. Runs 9:35. Check it out:
  2. Was looking to see if there is video for the 1993 Triangle Ball, and found this instead.
  3. Wow, that took vision. Very impressive Ken.
  4. Rickie Lee Jones covers America in a video where he re-creates her classic looks:
  5. Gotta admit that never crossed my mind (hard to imaging that song without a saxophone), but bagpipes could definitely work. Certainly appropriate.
  6. I can understand why this is taught in schools.
  7. Ron, you have some incredible Twitter skills. We have you followed and I keep an eye on your feed.
  8. Wow, I've never seen those Grundig things before. Wonder if they were like Beta, better but doomed.
  9. I love that the Monkees were revived in 1986 on MTV. And it wasn't a "reboot" with new actors trying to re-create the magic - they just showed the same episodes again.
  10. Agree. Hope they life you never imagined is a good one.
  11. Linda Ronstadt hasn't sung in 10 years because of her Parkinson's disease. This video is a great look at how she's doing today, which can be summed up in two words: Acceptance Uncompromising She retains a huge fan base that really connected with her music and her struggle.
  12. Now if Abbott and Costello can get their own biopic...
  13. Billy Joel's version of "All Shook Up." He does a bang-up Elvis.
  14. And 15 years later, we finally have a category: https://www.songfacts.com/category/popular-workout-songs
  15. A Tom Petty tribute tune
  16. Wow, I didn't realize it was '02 when we started. The emojis were better then.
  17. That's definitely not New York. Wouldn't try that in the Subway.
  18. Tremendous family photo O55. Thanks for stopping by.
  19. Terrific singer. They should be on a bill with the band Clover (Huey Lewis was a member).
  20. You as well Kevin. Always good to see you.
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