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  1. Carl

    "After Life" (1998)

    Afterlife that includes the vagaries of processing is intriguing for some reason. Maybe because it seems familiar. A great TV show that does it is The Good Place, with Sam Malone and the Veronica Mars girl.
  2. Carl

    Trucker songs

    "Sittin here with dispatch on hold." Good stuff.
  3. Gregg Allman died yesterday (May 27) at age 69. He made it 45 years longer than his older brother Duane, who was the group's leader. Gregg kept the Allman Brothers Band going until 2014, always adhering to the highest musical standards. The music was rich and spacious, often wordless (as a DJ, I fielded many calls after playing "Jessica" from listeners looking for the title). The live shows were astounding, especially if you were lucky enough to catch them in the Beacon Theater, a New York venue with acoustics that seemed custom fit for the band. Gregg's musical legacy is unparalleled, as he was the top dog in the top Southern Rock band of all time.
  4. Chris Cornell was found dead last night sometime after the Soundgarden show in Detroit. Details aren't in yet, but his management described his death as "sudden and unexpected." Darkness was a common theme in his songwriting, as heard in tracks like "Outshined," "Black Hole Sun" and "Blow Up The Outside World." Unlike the Kurt Cobain melancholy that sometimes seemed like a cry for help, Cornell always seemed to be upturning that side of his personality to help find the light. In an odd way, these songs could make you feel better. They certainly made you feel something.
  5. Carl

    Song/Video of the day

    Tuesday Trivia today dealt with The Beach Boys: What group had a US #1 hit in the '60s, none in the '70s, then another in the '80s? They are the answer thanks to "Kokomo" in 1988, but there was another "Kokomo" long before, by The Flamingoes: And then there was a composer who called himself Kokomo, who had this hit. Both came in 1961:
  6. The lie is AC/DC. I saw Springsteen twice - once in Ireland.
  7. Carl

    Trucker songs

    Fun random fact: The Dixie Chicks are named after the Little Feat song "Dixie Chicken."
  8. Carl

    Trucker songs

    That's fantastic. Also love that album cover - with the sweater and corduroy pants, he his marked as a married man We've been working on trucker songs lately. Started a category for them: http://www.songfacts.com/category-trucking_songs.php
  9. Carl

    Song/Video of the day

    Can you name the game show that made this one famous?
  10. Carl

    Minidisc, anyone?

    Mini disc showed some promise, but physical formats were doomed, no matter how small. I worked with DAT for a short time, which some thought was going to catch on.
  11. Carl

    So much more than Random Thoughts

    "Harry Styles" would be a good name for a salon.
  12. Carl

    Song/Video of the day

    Working on an entry for this one. Fascinating song with a great story, but everything about the video is off. This is one of those where you can tell they knew something was wrong when they were making it, but it was too late to bail. Some very bad choices.
  13. Carl

    Celebrity Initials Game

    William Rehnquist P. D.
  14. Carl

    Rockin' Good Friday

    Yes! This is perfect for Easter week. And I found the brilliant use of it in Freaks and Geeks:
  15. Carl

    Word Association IV

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Thrift Shop"
  16. Carl

    Honoka and Azita

    Seems like you need more than four strings to make that kind of noise on the guitar. Fantastic.
  17. Carl

    RIP Chuck Berry.

    Wonderful story Ken.
  18. Carl

    Word Association IV

    The House That Jack Built - Aretha Franklin
  19. Carl

    Johnny B. Goode

    Wow, the audience looks like they're at a poetry reading, but Chuck just ripped into it anyway. Gotta admit, Back To The Future was indeed the first time I heard this song.
  20. Carl

    RIP Chuck Berry.

    One of the founders of rock. The music is undeniable, but his story is a tough one to tell. He went to jail for transporting a 14-year-old across state lines, an event that, depending on your perspective, either exposed his turpitude or unfairly incarcerated him in a racist railroading. He spent at least a decade denying that he ever went to jail, just one of many obfuscations he delivered in the few interviews he did.
  21. Carl

    Song/Video of the day

    They don't make proto-punk songs with a Bo Diddley beat about the year they are released like they used to.
  22. Carl

    Music Lists A-Z

    Popular Bands of the '70s APRIL WINE B C D Eagles Fleetwood Mac G H I J Kiss Led Zeppelin Mungo Jerry N O Pink Floyd Queen Rush S Three Dog Night Uriah Heep V W X Yes ZZ top
  23. Carl

    George Michael Dies

    We're getting a little inured to this by now, but we've lost another great, as George Michael is reported dead at age 53. He's been out of the public eye for a while, so it's easy to forget how big his footprint was on both the charts and the culture. In America, he hit #1 with Wham! (three times), as a solo artist (five times), and in duets with Aretha Franklin ("I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)") and Elton John ("Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"). He was an even bigger deal on his home turf; the most-played artist on British radio from 1984-2004. Michael's music could be sublime, tinged with a kind of gospel that hits you when you're ready for it. An entire TV series was built on this premise: Eli Stone. Gonna watch it again.
  24. Carl

    Vauxhall Corsa with 4G wifi

    Wonder if that's a real song. They may have created it for the advert (it kind of sound British).
  25. Confetti cannons came into my life yesterday, so I had to play this.