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  1. When I prepare for an interview, at some point the essence of the subject becomes clear, and I know what I want to ask. It took me a few days to get there with Adam Duritz. Most of us have some overarching theme that comes through in our worldview, and songwriters often express that in their songs. For much of Adam's career, this was the burden of fame, as Counting Crows released one of the best-selling debut albums of all-time, and in a short period of time, Adam's intimate moments became public - not just in his terrestrial life, but also in his songs. But that was a long time ago. Now that the adulation has subsided, Adam has become more guarded in his creative output, which means he won't just pour his heart out in a song and foist it on the public. The last Counting Crows album was all cover songs, which spared him this burden. This all stems from Adam's revelation that his songs are all about him. He doesn't enter the mind of someone else, and he doesn't write on spec (even that Shrek song delved into his psyche). When I spoke with Adam yesterday, I was happy to hear him expound on upcoming projects with a newfound passion. With that out of the way, we explored songwriting technique, where he explained that it's the rich, authentic details that matter. Adam mentions real and specific people and places in his songs (Anna, the New Amsterdam), which is what paints their vibrant colors. And yes, Springsteen came up in this conversation. I'll post the link once we put this together, but wanted to share some of these thoughts while they were still fresh. As an aside, if you were to put boy parts together to create the perfect specimen that would attract beautiful actresses, you would end up with the 1994-1996 version of Adam. His combination of mystery and talent landed him two Friends stars when the show was the hottest thing on TV, plus Mary Louise Parker, Samantha Mathis, and a few others he remains coy about.
  2. Carl

    RSS Feed for Blog

    Zhivko created an RSS feed for our Songwriter Interviews and feature stories, which includes the Songfactor's Choice. On any interview, just click the little RSS icon: This means every time we post an interview or story, it will show up in your feed reader, which in my case is my Yahoo home page. This RSS thing is a good way to find out when a new post happens without having to constantly check the blog. Post here if you want to know more.
  3. Carl

    Leonard Cohen Has Died

    It appears that Leonard Cohen has passed away. One of the truly great songwriters of his time, he made the kind of music that merits discussion, which made him a Songfacts favorite. His most famous song, by far, is "Hallelujah," which has consistently been one of the most-discussed and analyzed. Details aren't out yet, but he just released and album called You Want It Darker. It's hard to tell if the album is informed by his parting, as he's always written about mortality and religion.
  4. Carl

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Wow, I didn't realize it was '02 when we started. The emojis were better then.
  5. That's definitely not New York. Wouldn't try that in the Subway.
  6. Carl

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    Tremendous family photo O55. Thanks for stopping by.
  7. Carl

    Peak Christmas

    I feel like we've finally passed peak Christmas. Until recently, there was a steady Christmas creep, with stores putting out their displays earlier and earlier, and radio stations playing Christmas music before the first snow. This is the first year I can remember the post-Thanksgiving aftermath not being all about Christmas. Black Friday also seemed more mellow, with less mania as people realized they could just order gifts on ye olde Internet. Of course, this is all anecdotal.
  8. Carl

    Last Christmas

    Terrific singer. They should be on a bill with the band Clover (Huey Lewis was a member).
  9. Carl

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    You as well Kevin. Always good to see you.
  10. Carl

    I Can't Stop Lovin' You

    Good find. Thanks.
  11. "Me And Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul https://www.songfacts.com/facts/billy-paul/me-and-mrs-jones
  12. Carl

    Random Music Thoughts V

    This makes me wonder if there will ever be a song called "Vaping In The Boys' Room"
  13. Carl

    What winds up your Cassette?

    There remains a small group of people who cling to their cassettes. These are often people who drive cars that still have cassette players in them. They just love the sound of tape hiss.
  14. Carl

    The "Old" Songfacts Gang

    I'm still here a fair amount.
  15. Billboard is doing a retrospective of their Alternative Songs chart, which is 30 years old. This story is about "Cuts You Up" by Peter Murphy, which quotes our interview. Murphy is a rather nebulous interview, but he gave us a rather enlightening answer when we asked about that song. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8479703/peter-murphy-cuts-you-up-alternative-songs
  16. Carl

    Chasing the name of a song and artist.

    Maybe this one? https://www.songfacts.com/facts/bic-runga/blue-blue-heart
  17. The Kinks are becoming a popular choice for poignant moments, even here in America. Heard "Waterloo Sunset" in a big weepy scene somewhere recently.
  18. Maybe not perfect for this occasion, but "Joey" by Concrete Blonde is a pretty vivid description of being in love with an alcoholic.
  19. Carl

    Song/Video of the day

    Battle rapping is a media cliché perpetuated by people who have likely never seen one in real life. Unless Eminem is involved, it's rather contrived. Snickers is particularly uninspired in this commercial. What a waste of Elton John.
  20. Carl

    Down to Earth Cool Chick

    Don't see girls that are gearheads like this very often. Ed Sheeran would approve.
  21. Carl

    Suicide Songs

    Seems young people have levels of anxiety and depression that exceed those of previous generations. One thing about these suicide songs is that they often come with information on how to get help. The Logic song 1-800-273-8255 is the best example. That's the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which has gotten a huge increase in call volume. We reached out to them about the impact of the song; they explained that whenever Logic performs it, they get a spike. They coordinate to make sure additional staff is on hand.
  22. Carl

    "Only U"

    We'll get on it. Would be a good one to have in the database.
  23. Carl

    Fake YouTube "Likes" Industry

    All 9 views on our latest video are authentic:
  24. Carl


    The cartoon completely reworked the image I had of Dilbert's movement and voice.
  25. Carl

    Random Music Thoughts V

    As the answer to today's Tuesday Trivia, here's a Got Milk? triptych.