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  1. Actually, ( and I'm guessing that you may be mishearing the lyrics) it sounds as if it might be "Lido Shuffle" by Boz Skaggs..the chorus is VERY similar to what you've written. But its not a song that sits too well with the skate-punk attitude of Jackass, so maybe I 'm wrong.
  2. But not TOO sweet! Some of their stuff ( "Bird Dog", " When will I be loved?", "Sealed with a Kiss" and many more) are wonderful songs.
  3. I was only seven in 1968 and it wasn't shown here in England anyway, so I 've only become familiar with it since. I like him , but wouldn't call myself a huge Elvis fan...but you can't help but love him in this show, and its easy to see what all the fuss was about back in 1958 !! Apparently, his manager Colonel Tom Parker wanted him to appear in a baby blue tuxedo singing Christmas Carols!!! I'm pleased Elvis decided against that!
  4. Elvis' '68 TV Special. Just when everyone had written him off and he seemed doomed to make bad hot rod and beach movies for the rest of eternity... he was back looking mean, moody & magnicent in black leather! It catches him just at the point before he became a Vegas act in sparkly jumpsuits. The 68 special is easily available on video. If you've never seen it, and think he never did anything good after he was drafted into the army, then do yourself a favour and check it out. He looks and sounds great, and is given the chance to sing the songs he really loved, those of his youth rather than dumb film tunes. Superb!
  5. Strictly speaking, are married couples really related??? I'm sure Tina Turner would hate to think that Ike is a relative of hers still!
  6. The Kinks featured brothers Ray and Dave Davies sharing vocals, but I dont think they ever actually sang a proper duet on anything. There are numerous gospel & soul groups with relatives. The Clark Sisters, The Winnans, and The Staple Singers are obvious examples. In country, The Judds are a successful mother & daughter band. There was that strange duet between Nat and Natalie Cole, where she recorded over tapes of her dead father. And of course Frank and Nancy Sinatra recorded together.
  7. I thought about doing a Google search for the the title...but I know its going to give me about 300 billion sites that aren't strictly relevant. :: :: ::
  8. Its not a Costello song, as far as I know. Maybe The Slits?
  9. I love their surf music too ( who can resist snging along to Barbara-Anne ?) but you are right, the Pet Sounds and Smile era is much more sophisticated and often doesn't get as much credit because it wasn't so commercially successful. Brian Wilson is a neglected genius!
  10. I just knew there must be some more fans out there! 'Delivery Man' was released last week, and is credited to Elvis Costello and The Imposters.
  11. As the only other self-confessed Elvis Costello fan on this board...I was wondering if you've heard the brand new album "Delivery Man" yet?? I haven't , but its had some very good reviews in the British press and I'm probably going to buy it soon. Just interested in what a fellow fan thought of it. He's also got a new classical album out, but thats been dismissed here as a bit self-indulgent and pompous.
  12. I dont think they are underrated at all! How often do you see Pet Sounds listed in those top albums of all time type lists? Its usually in the top five. Deservedly so, as well. Anyone who is unfamiliar with it and thinks the Beach Boys only did surf music should listen to it. Remember that "Good Vibrations" was considered not strong enough to be included! The album is brilliantly inventive and touchingly maudlin as well. The track "Caroline, No" is the best thing they ever did.
  13. If I remember correctly, Guy was the name of a message boy who worked for Elton's record company, Rocket. He was killed in a motorbike crash whilst delivering a parcel for the company, and Elton wrote the song in his memory.
  14. Jeux Sans Frontiers made instant sense in England. It was the name of a popular TV game show in the 70s, in which teams from various European cities would represent their country in silly games that ususally involved wearing big rubber feet and throwing water at each other! There was also a purely English version called "Its a Knockout"
  15. Woah, bad idea! The word 'modern' in jazz terms covers pretty much everything from the birth of be-bop onwards. Thats all jazz since the early 1940s...which is a lot of music to be ignoring!! Be-bop pioneers like Charlie Parker or Dizzy Gillespie would have considered older, New Orleans style musicians like Louis Armstrong or Sidney Bechet as kinda old hat, daddio.
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