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  1. Highway to Hell, Back in Black, Thunderstruck - AC/DC Kashmir, The Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin Blitzkreig Bop, I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones The Wall, Money, Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd these are a few of my favs not a long list, but i cant think worth a crap right now.... at least i know who these classic bands are, considering im 11
  2. i was thinkin of naming him Angus, after Angus Young, but i dunno, thats just and idea... :happybanana:
  3. I don't know too many people with kazoos named Elaine (no offence) in fact, I don't know many people with a kazoo period. (no offence again) hmmmm, thanks for the suggestions, one thing, AC/DC RULES!!!
  4. I just wanted to know if anyone names their instruments. I wonder because I see alot of people with "Creative" names for guitars and stuff, I have a Red and White Stratocaster guitar that needs a name, i cant think of one so i will take suggestions.
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