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  1. It's been a super busy time of recording, and touring, dates for Allison Crowe. Allison's next release, a double-album, ?Live at Wood Hall?, will be out in Canada and Europe+ on July 1, 2005 ~ and in the U.S. this July 4. From an advance pressing, here are some of the collection's 23 tracks (now posted in "Studio A" of her website @ http://www.allisoncrowe.com/music.html ) There Is ~ one of Allison's new songs http://www.allisoncrowe.com/101AllisonCroweThereIs.mp3 Independence Day ~ a cover of one of Alley's favourite artists, Ani DiFranco http://www.allisoncrowe.com/107All
  2. ...arrested for being drunk and disorderly at a varsity football game
  3. http://fpc.dos.state.fl.us/windowsmedia/jim_morrison.wmv that's a link to an excerpt from the promo film made by Florida State University in 1964; it features Jim Morrison collecting his mail, learning he's not been accepted for college, and then going to talk with the Dean about it... when he collects the mail, it's a voice-over reading his mail, when he's seated, talking with the Dean, that's the voice of the Lizard King... this fun comes from: http://www.floridamemory.com/PhotographicCollection/VideoFilm2/video.cfm?VID=22 Florida State University: Toward a Greater Univer
  4. I've not seen this singer-songwriter/band mentioned before, so, here goes! NYC's Antony and the Johnsons have just released a second album, "I am a Bird Now", and it's likely to introduce their sound to a deservedly larger audience. People compare Antony's voice to a diverse range of singers, but, it's best to just listen. To do that, here's a few mp3 links - good for however long they remain active: Here's a song off Antony's last disc: Cripple and the Starfish http://mp3.insound.com/download.cfm?mp3id=2213 and a pair of tracks off his new album: Hope There's Someone
  5. Hi Old 55 ( : I've not been around much this year, so, I'm sorry to take so long to check in! Indeed, the context for charts has been irrevocably altered - making the new era numbers not be the standard markers they once were. Charts were fun, and did matter! Glad I was able to offer something of interest to such an afficionado as yourself cheers, Adrian
  6. While she doesn't sound like the folks she is sometimes compared with, there's no doubt, Allison loves the music of such artists as Pearl Jam and Tori Amos. She has been greatly inspired in her life and her career as a singer-songwriter by these folks. In one interview, Alley has referred to Tori as "the goddess incarnate". In February 2003, The Dent website, (serving the Toriphile community for nine years now @ http://thedent.com ), kindly posted a link to Alley's live performance of the Tori song, Playboy Mommy. Alley's website has been redesigned a few times over since then, but the m
  7. Until the snow clears, it can be a state of mind...
  8. A number of news articles in the UK recently (such as the one below from the Yorkshire Post) have pointed out that the singles charts are no longer what they were - and the fact that one can reach #1 with sales of 25,000 or less leads to a view that record labels can now easily manipulate chart positions for PR purposes, further debasing any value. Top 10 chart starts to sound a little off-key Elvis's One Night has become the 1,000th British number one single. But have the pop charts reached their sell by date? Chris Bond reports. JUST for the record the first British singles chart a
  9. When the subject came up last month, I could not find a web presence for Harmony Trowbridge, the artist you heard, Daniel, on Stu Maclean's Vinyl Cafe peforming Joni's "River". Well, I've just had the pleasure of hearing from Harmony, and can now report that you read her lyrics, find about her gigs and upcoming album release @ http://www.harmonytrowbridge.net And, should you be in the Toronto area, she'll be celebrating the release of "Amoraphobe" every Wednesday this March at 10 pm upstairs at the Rivoli (for the Maple Lounge)! cheers, Ad
  10. "Throw Your Arms Around Me" (the Hunters and Collectors song, redone) was the wedding song chosen by the last couple I know to get married. (And Rolf Harris music is fun for all occasions! )
  11. George Harrison's Creem Interview I was reading this classic Creem mag interview with George just this past weekend. Such a wise and funny man.
  12. The Sunday Times (of London) published a lengthy analyses of this Leonard Cohen creation earlier this month. The whole piece is still online @ Hallelujah: the song that outgrew itself
  13. Suzanne Vega's song about child-abuse, "My Name is Luka", was actually a radio hit in North America. The lyrics are weighter than they sounded on air: I live on the second floor I live upstairs from you, Yes I think you've seen me before If you hear something late at night, Some kind of trouble, some kind of fight Just don't ask me what it was ( x3 ) Maybe it's because I'm clumsy, I try not to talk too loud Maybe it's because I'm crazy, I try not to act too proud They only hit until you cry, And after that you don't ask why You just don't argue anymore ( x3 ) Yes, I thin
  14. Yay! I was just getting an inkling you weren't giving me a fair hearing. Glad to know that's not so ( : Here's a Joni tidbit that may seem a little distant from the specifics of this thread so far, but, it may still be of interest - there's going to be a Joni Mitchell CD in the Starbucks "Artists Choice" series, to be released, reportedly, around Valentine's Day this year. (This is the series that collects artists' own fave song picks - of others - for an album ie. we'll get to hear those songs that inspire Joni.) cheers, Ad
  15. Approaching people without prejudice is, I hope, commonplace. And, perhaps, for folks not in Canada, some details could be made more evident - eg. the Vinyl Cafe is a popular show on CBC Radio, which is our version of the BBC, and CBC programs have been playing River (and so it flows...)
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