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  1. guys and gals!! No offense, i dunno, but we seem to have this same stupid conversation all the time, and everyone has the same arguments. Plus everyone starts their posts as "In my opinion" but isn't that all it is... opinion? Aren't questions like "who is the best gutarist/lyrisist/drummer ect?" opinion and can't be proven? Im sorry it is fun to argue but nothing to get WORKED UP over! Mara :guitar: ::
  2. It is time again for warped tour to start. At the end of this month it starts in Cali. On July 4th, they are bringing it around to Vegas... If anyone sees it before it hits me here in Vegas please let us know, and please tell me who was good, bad, and worse!! I would appreciate it!! :guitar: Love, MARA
  3. I must say i do agree with this though i think Joe Satriani is just as good, but then again Vai "tutored" Satriani, so it makes sense. Hendrix, Clapton , and Page are all up there on the list too though. :guitar: My mom saw Clapton live and says his live show was the most mesmerising event of her life.
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