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  1. Like most artists, blink-182 have been rather cryptic about telling people what the song is about. Guitarist/vocalist, Tom DeLonge, said that the song was about vulnerability and being a guy trying to tell a girl that he loves her. Part of bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus' verse—the Nightmare Before Christmas line—is actually from drummer, Travis Barker. "We can live like Jack and Sally if we want." A haunting refrain about a loving couple living in a sinister world. One could be forgiven for wondering what demons Travis Barker was wrestling with at the time.The song's more about the vulnerability and kind of heart-wrenching pain you feel when you're in love and when you're a guy and you're trying to tell a girl, 'Don't waste your time coming and talking to me because, in my head at least, you probably already gave me up a long time ago. — Tom DeLonge (former blink-182 Guitarist/Vocalist)
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