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  1. I am a total newbie to Songfacts, so forgive me. I have been literally in the social dark for the last 2 years or so trying to get a free music site off the ground. The Point? A couple actually. The same vigor that you might administer towards an album review on a blog, I would personally love to you to redirect that talent towards my version of album reviews on vibbidi.net But there's more! (isn't there always?) I really beed some 'down' ass people to check out a feature I suggested yet is getting literally dismal traction, and I AM worried about it's success, hence the urgency. It is the Contributor Feature, found at the bottom of any Album, Artist, or Single page, and I would appreciate if anybody here could raise their hand and say, yeah, I'll give it a look and tell you what's wrong. One Love and bless up!
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