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  1. I listened to a YouTube posting of an actual 45 rpm record on a turntable of Del Shannon's RUNAWAY with pro headphones and even though it was recorded from my computer's headphone jack I THINK I heard something that I didn't notice when the song was first released. I doubt the 45 players nor the refrig top radios of that era could reproduce that sound. The upright bass part is of course thumpy and tubby as was the case at that time but I think I hear a concert bass drum pattern being added for rhythmic reinforcement. It is not the drummer's kick drum nor Idoubt an artifact of the upright bass. If anyone else has a chance to listen very carefully to Shannon's RUNAWAY I'd be curious if they hear what I THINK I hear. If it indeed is an added concert bass drum pattern then kudos to the session guy or whoever for thinking it might add some punch. John Poole
  2. From the moment I first heard BAKER STREET I felt a full out bagpipe should have been used not an alto sax. What better sound is there to enhance a brooding Scotsman's anguished and tormented thoughts?
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