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  1. Thanks Ange: you are correct they stopped it from playing. it seems they stopped it in all trumps rally's to, when he starts a new rally is the time to catch it, before they stop it again.
  2. Hello can some please tell me what group is singing this Star Spangled Banner, please listen it on play for a little over two minutes at the beginning of this Trump Rally, Thanks>>
  3. Otokichi: I cannot believe it someone took off every single star spangled banner from trump rallies. I cannot find it anywhere, i will keep looking, if you happen to hear it before or after one of is new speech's please let me know, Thank You
  4. Otokichi you are correct they wont let you play it back for some reason, i looked at some other trump rally videos that definitely had the star spangled banner either before or after and some one replaced it with a different song. i will continue to look for it and get back to you, I want to thank you for your reply, please check back to see if I found another of his rallies with the song in it? Thank You
  5. Hello,, Could someone go to this video and scroll to the end of it and let me know who is singing the "Star Spangled Banner". I cannot find who this group is any where. please let me know and thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U5N9wAFpms
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