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  1. That's a great idea Edna; I checked out of Facebook 18months ago and I don't miss it at all, I'm glad I discovered this site because its quite Interesting without the b*******ss of Facebook. It's nice to make new friends and find out other people's interests and ideas
  2. I'd love to Experience Thanksgiving, I think it is lovely to have a day to take time out to be thankful, there's not enough thankfulness these days
  3. Could listen to Warren Ellis all day and night, and Nick on Piano
  4. That is awesome, I became a Nanny 11years ago; my little man is my whole world, angedave23@gmail.com
  5. Enjoy 😎😊 Enjoy 😎😊
  6. Ange

    Hi Jim, I'm a newbie too. 😊

  7. I also have a lot of trouble uploading things Tracy; I'm only new to this so I am probably doing something wrong lol. I think my email address is on my profile, and I don't mind Jimmy Hendrix I wouldn't mind having a look. I was actually watching a show on tv the other night about Jimmy and his death, it also featured a whole heap of entertainers that had passed away at age 27 . VERY bizarre
  8. I will sit on this site for hours until I get the hang of it, I'm sorry if I'm offending or annoying anyone,  if I am please don't hesitate in letting me  know, I can't believe I've just let the cat out of the bag that I love  ABBA 🤣😊 Nick Cave  to ABBA I suppose that is the great thing about music, it takes all kinds , I'm currently watching a tv show on foxtel that is best of the   80's

    It was a pretty good era 😊

  9. Gee; I never really thought about this until I read this topic; but now it has come to my attention that YES I am not as tolerant of alot of loud noise anymore, I'm just PRAYING that the old hearing is not that bad when I head off to "Conversations " with Nick Cave!!!!!! 😎🤔😊😍
  10. That would be interesting, I've heard quite a few covers that are better than the original Sound tracks is a good one ; I'd definitely be voting Muriels Wedding; a daggy but a goodie. Love ABBA
  11. I got Nirvana too, I can't say I dislike them, I never really listen to their music, perhaps I should! Maybe it's trying to tell me something!🤔🤨😊 their I got Nirvana too
  12. Such a sad loss; she was AMAZING and I'm sure her music lyrics and voice will live on
  13. Not long to go now, I'm seeing him on the 19th of January; THE BEST Birthday present I've ever gotten; even if I did buy the tickets myself : lol. Too good an opportunity to miss. I'm so excited
  14. God is in the house I hope you're having a great night. Happy New Year hun🎉🎊🍾🥂
  15. With the Nick Cave "Conversations " tour coming up in Australia which I was fortunate enough to get tickets to; I'm constantly listening to God is in the house " and Pushing the sky away "and even Stagger Lee; Murder Ballads
  16. With the upcoming concert of Nick Cave " conversations tour, I've got God is in the house and Push the sky away are constantly playing
  17. Actually listening to " The Kills " the last goodbye at the moment. Loving it; very intense Stagger lee
  18. Really looking forward to seeing the movie 😊
  19. Happy New Year and a wonderful 2019 to all 🎉🎊

  20. Happy New Year to all; sending you all best wishes and all things great for 2019 from Ange 🙏🎉
  21. I think music is so important in our lives , I know for one that I have different music that I play to suit certain moods; but sometimes this can cause me to burst in to tears at inappropriate times lol. I've been in the supermarket when a song has played that moves me and out come the water works lol. I also will listen to different types of music to just emerge myself into another time or place. Anyway that's just my view and I'm sure everyone has different reasons for the likes and dislikes of different types of music.
  22. Feeling a bit of Rockabilly at the moment. The babboons; Hillbilly moon; Lainie Lane........and of course Nick Although Nick is not Rockabilly; hes always playing in my head at least 5 times a day lol
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