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  1. Welcome back, Ron! You're not messing up Laurie, since you figured out how to rectify the error. It will seem odd not to have Kevin and Carole on boared this year, since they both know their baseball. I just created a head-to-head league this year, but if there is enough interest, we can always add a points league.
  2. 1. Snowbird - Anne Murray 2. Razamanaz - Nazareth 3. Jesse - Carly Simon 4. Wrap It Up - The Fabulous Thunderbirds 5. These Foolish Things - Bryan Ferry 6. You're The Inspiration - Chicago 7. For You - Greg Kihn 8. Can't Let You Go - Rainbow 9. Rockin' Robin - Jackson 5 10. King Of The Night Time World - Kiss
  3. The league draft is scheduled for Tuesday March 24 at 7pm PDT. If you are unable to participate in the live draft, I suggest you edit your pre draft rankings once you have registered your team. Good luck to all (except Phil). Just kidding Phil.
  4. Hello, all. I've set up a head-to-head points league on Yahoo. The league name is Songfacts and the id number is 137279. Here is the link: https://yho.com/mlb?l=137279&k=cbaa3b02ed2a408c&ikey=15b62596bc8f624d&rf=yh.sms.pvtpc My team is Coyote Utley. If there are an odd number of teams, I'll register a second team.
  5. If you pt me your list of songs, Ray, I can try to set up youtube links for all of them.
  6. Kevin has sort of lost his passion for baseball, and since I have not heard from Carole, I'm assuming she is indeed taking the year off.
  7. something to which you've become inured
  8. sauerkraut weenie casserole
  9. because a group of cats loudly purred
  10. If Ray joins in, we'll have enough players to go. I'll renew the league tonight and post the link.
  11. where Thurston Howell III
  12. and a little bit of lye
  13. and hosing out the sty
  14. my, what are you trying to imply?
  15. You are so right, Ray. The big name players often crap out and injuries can have a devastating effect on your lineup. I always like to have a strong stable of starting pitchers, because they are the most likely to miss significant time because of injuries. As Ray has said, sometimes relative unknowns (think Corey Kluber and Anthony Rendon last year) have great seasons and sure thing players like Bryce Harper do very little for your team. Be wary of players with a history of being brittle, like Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun and the aforementioned Mr. Harper. So
  16. A very beautiful song. I'd never heard it before. Ford's voice is remarkably fine for a man his age.
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