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  1. The Santa Clause - 1994 7/10 Judge Reinhold is married to the titular character's ex-wife in this mildly amusing family film. Reinhold is well meaning but socially awkward in this film and pretty much plays a variation of the same character he plays in most movies. Gregory Peck
  2. which made us want to flee
  3. and participating in a spelling bee
  4. Ditto, Sir Ray! I think we'll both benefit from the trade as I need more starting pitching and I hope Papelbon stays healthy for you. Of course, if Teheran goes down with an injury, you know I'll have to hunt you down like a dog!
  5. Carole, I have a surfeit of relievers. Both Melancon and Papelbon are available. Make me an offer. You do have a very good team, but since you drafted it, that isn't surprising.
  6. Ray, your starting pitching is great. If Cashner can stay healthy, you are lauging. However, your relief pitching is weak and I happen to have a plethora of good relievers. I'll send you a trade offer.
  7. Of your two Atlanta pitchers, Ray, Wood is probably the riskier proposition because of previous injuries. Neither of your pitchers is going to get much run support, but I still think they will both get you double digit wins and both have a decent chance to rack up a fair number of stikeouts.
  8. Oh, Ray my boy. Don't make that deal. Either Atlanta pitcher is better than Verlander. His ERA is ballooning, he gives up way too many hits and his whip is atrocious. The only thing he still brings to the table is whiffs.
  9. 1. Bad Blood -Ten Years After 2. Golden Void - Hawkwind 3. A Gypsy's Kiss - Deep Purple 4. Blues Magnet - Pat Travers Band 5. Like An Inca - Neil Young 6. I Need You Tonight - ZZ Top 7. Terraplane Blues - Foghat 8. Desdemona - Allman Brothers Band 9. Big Block - Jeff Beck 10. Old Folks Boogie - Little Feat A great list, Chutz! Hard to narrow it down to just 10.
  10. Jimmy Ibbotson(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) S S
  11. that almost merits a kiss
  12. Methinks you give up too easily. Goldschmidt while, arguably one of the top two first basemen in all of baseball, is not untouchable. For a tier II pitcher (like Jon Lester) and a good position player, he can be had.
  13. I hope everyone is happy with their respective teams and I'm pleased to see that Laurie got her beloved David Wright. I wonder how long it will be before some big name players go down with major injuries?
  14. they were all heard to loudly bawl
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