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  1. who was so well hung he made Boy George swoon
  2. Considering I'm the one who screwed it up, no thanks necessary. The only advantage to the weekly league setup Ican see is that , as Ray rightly points out, it requires less maintenance.
  3. Actually, Eddie Gavemecumin was a pretty decent goalie.
  4. Gordie Howe Bobby Hull Dave Keon Ted Lindsay Bryan Trottier Clark Gillies Norm Ullman Carl Brewer Bobby Baun Bobby Clarke Phil Esposito Steve Yzerman Dale Hawerchuk Johnny Bucyk Reggie Leach Mike Gartner Darryl Sittler etc. etc. etc. And I still say big blast Gingras is the best Quebec born player to have played in the NHL.
  5. I've sent an email to the help desk at Yahoo, asking if I can switch our league to one where we can edit our rosters on a daily basis. I'll let you know when I hear from them.
  6. Hi Carole. Unfortunately, ours is indeed a weekly league. I screwed up. I assumed that the settings we had last year would carry over to this season. I'm still trying to see if I can change the settings, but I'm not optimistic. I went to the Commissioners site and found out I could edit everyone's rosters, but only for the following week. I'm still playing around with the settings and I'll let everyone know what I find out.
  7. In my not so expert opinion, my choices for Stanley Cup winner this year in order of likelihood are: 1. New York Rangers (Lundquist must stay healthy) 2. Montreal Canadiens (IMO, the most balanced scoring attack in the NHL) 3. Chicago Blackhawks (They always raise the level of their game in the playoffs) As for my second favourite team, the Flames, they will beat the Canucks in six but will not advance beyond the second round. And for your edification, Ray, the greatest player of all time is Gordie Howe followed by Joe Sakic, Bobby Orr, and Wayne Gretzky none of whom are from la be
  8. Hey, Ray. Both the Flames and Jets are in the playoffs. Now if the Senators get in, 5 of the 7 Canadian teams will be in the hunt for the Stanley Cup. Yeehaw!
  9. I have also run into this and I DON'T LIKE it. I will investigate and see if I can edit the settings. I erroneously assumed that the settings would be the same as they were last year. My bad.
  10. and drooled uncontrollably
  11. Jerry Reed (I bet you wanted me to say, Jeremy Roenick, Ray ) R C
  12. and began crying like a worthless poltroon
  13. and transvestites cheered
  14. and started gorging on charcuterie
  15. Beautiful - Carole King Long Gone - George Thorogood Someone To Believe - Damn Yankees
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