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  1. I'm probably dating myself, but who the h*** are Linkin Park? As for those people who like Eric Johnson, I agree. I had not heard of him until I saw the Crossroads Guitar Festival. He is an amazing guitar player. Unlike Steve Vai (who also appeared at the festival) who plays songs with no discernible melody, Johnson is both fast and lyrical. IMO, other great guitarists are: Johnny Winter Alvin Lee Django Reinhart Jeff Healey Eric Clapton(this guy is so much better live than he is on his studio recordings) Angus Young Jimmy Page SRV Mark Knopfler Vince Gill There are many othe
  2. We've all discussed the greatest bands of all time, but what about bands you really like that had brief careers or were not commercially successful? Some of my favourite obscure bands are: Quarterflash - a lead vocalist with a great voice and some catchy tunes. I believe the band originated in Seattle. I don't think they lasted for more than a few years. The Fabulous Poodles - A quirky English band of the late 70's and early 80's. They were one of the few rock bands in which a fiddle played a prominent part. They only released two albums, which are difficult to come by. If you want
  3. Hi Dave! Thanks for the welcome to the forum, by the way. I didn't realize anyone outside of Canada had ever heard of the Stampeders. They had a string of hits in Canada during the 70's, but I didn't think they received any airplay in the U.S. Some other one-hit wonders: My Sharona - The Knack Echo Beach - Martha & The Muffins Come And Get Your Love - Redbone Escape - Rupert Holmes ( I'm not sure if this is the correct song title)
  4. Great idea for a post. I absolutely love "King of Hollywood" from "The Long Run" album. "Well he sits up there, in his leatherette Looks through pictures of the ones that he hasn't had yet When he thinks he wants a closer look He gets out his little black telephone book..." The guitar work on this song by Felder, Walsh & Frey is haunting, for want of a better adjective. My other favourite Eagles songs are, Life In The Fastlane, One of These Nights, Lyin' Eyes and Already Gone. By the way, does anyone know why Don Felder no longer plays for the Eagles? Did he quit, retire o
  5. I agree with those who selected It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World. Terry Thomas' diatribe about America's preoccupation with bosoms had me in stitches. I also love the scene with Sid Caesar trying to extricate himself from the basement of the hardware store. Some of my other favourite comedies are: Bedazzled (with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore) Airplane There's Something About Mary Mrs. Doubtfire Any of the Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers Meet The Fokkers Monty Python and The Holy Grail
  6. 1. Girl's Got Rhythm 2. Thunderstruck 3. Shake A Leg 4. It's A Long Way To The Top 5. Chase The Ace 6. Whole Lotta Rosie 7. Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) 8. Beating Around The Bush 9. Hell's Bells 10. Walk All Over You
  7. This is a tough one to narrow down, but here goes: Go Your Own Way, Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac Let It Be, All My Loving - The Beatles King of Hollywood, One of These Nights - The Eagles Ohio, Heart of Gold - Neil Young Refugee, A Face In The Crowd - Tom Petty Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting - Elton John Rhythm of The Blues, Almost Home - Mary Chapin Carpenter Green River - C.C.R. Turn The Page, Nutbush City Limits - Bob Seger The Girl's Got Rhythm, Thunderstruck - AC/DC
  8. She is indeed, and what a glorious voice! Some other country artists you may want to check out are: Mary Chapin Carpenter(one of the best songwriters in any genre) Emmy Lou Harris (mentioned several times already) Ricky Skaggs(more bluegrass than country) Sweethearts Of The Rodeo The Kentucky Headhunters Emmylou Harris (mentioned several times already)
  9. Any and all James Bond fans out there, I'd be interested to hear your answers to the following questions: Who was the best James Bond and why? Who was the worst James Bond and why? Who was Bond's most formidable adversary? What are your favourite Bond flicks? Which was the worst Bond film? In my opinion, Sean Connery's portrayal of Bond was far and away the best. Physically, the actor closely resembles the character described in Fleming's books. In the books, James Bond was an urbane, well-educated man with expensive tastes , a ruthless streak and a firm belief that the end jus
  10. There were many great movies made in the 70's but three of my favourites are: The Man Who Would Be King Sleuth Airplane(I've seen this movie many times and it still makes me laugh)
  11. I suspect I'm a little older than most of the people who responded to this post. My favourite albums (no giggles, please) in no particular order are: Goodbye Yellowbrick Road - Elton John Snowblind Friend - Hoyt Axton Rumours - Fleetwood Mac Full Moon Fever - Tom Petty Communique - Dire Straits Nick of Time - Bonnie Raitt Night Moves - Bob Seger A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles The Turn of A Friendly Card - The Alan Parsons Project Shooting Straight In The Dark - Mary Chapin Carpenter One Of These Nights - The Eagles Toys In The Attic - Aerosmith With The Beatles - The Beatles
  12. Decade by Neil Young (actually I think this is a 3 album collection) Goodbye Yellowbrick Road by Elton John ( I must be one of the few EJ fans who visit this forum) :happybanana:
  13. A great list, Bluesboy. Wasn't Lee Marvin great in Cat Ballou? After all the great Disney films, Mary Poppins is still my favourite. Other great 60's films are: Inherit The Wind (fabulous performances by Spencer Tracy and Frederic March) It's A Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad, World Lawrence of Arabia (O'Toole should have won the Oscar for his performance) Dr. Zhivago (a little weepy, but great music, beautiful cinematography and a gorgeous Julie Christie) The Great Escape Charade
  14. CanAm

    Disney movies

    I love most of Disney's animated films, but hands down my favourite Disney Movie is Mary Poppins. A great story, wonderful music and a young, gorgeous Julie Andrews...what more could you ask for? Incidentally, this was also Walt Disney's favourite movie and he was always moved to tears when he heard the song "Feed The Birds".
  15. CanAm

    Bad Movies

    Because I have two small children, I don't get to view many movies these days. However,the only two movies I've ever walked out on are Woody Allen's Stardust Memories and The Stuntman, starring Peter O'Toole. Both of these movies were unutterably boring and stupid. Other movies which rank right up there with the worst films ever made are: Glengarry, Glenross - a complete waste of a stellar cast. I'm not a prude, but the language in this film was foul. The Ladykillers (the Tom Hank's version) - A dreadful remake of the delightful Alec Guiness original. Do yourself a favour and watch
  16. In no particular order: The Beatles Dire Straits Fleetwood Mac (all incarnations) The Eagles Aerosmith AC/DC Lynyrd Skynyrd Bad Company CCR Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
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